Product of the Month – The ProFyre A2 Fire Alarm Panel


This month we would like to put the ProFyre A2 Fire Alarm Panel in the spotlight. Ideal for smaller installations, the ProFyre A2 is available in three versions – surface, semi-flush or flush – and is therefore able to accommodate any application. The ProFyre A2 is also available in a chrome flush mount to provide an aesthetically pleasing installation.


The ProFyre A2 is easy to install and configure and is designed to enable installation and commissioning without the need for an external PC connection. Devices are automatically assigned to zones and can be named using the panels integrated QWERTY keypad.

The A2 can support up to four repeaters to ensure that relevant information can be provided in all the necessary areas.


The ProFyre A2 is complemented by the ProFyre range of analogue-addressable, loop-driven call points, sounders, heat detectors, smoke detectors and interfaces.

Key Features

  • Plug & Play
    The A2 is “plug and play” and does not require any any special tools or computers for commissioning.
  • Loop Quantity
    The A2 can accommodate 1 or 2 loops with each loop capable of controlling up to 126 devices per loop.
  • Common Fire & Fault Relays
    The A2 monitors any devices that are connected to it for any faults that might occur. In the event of a fault the panel activates an internal sounder and a fault light.
  • Alarm Verification
    Alarm verification can reduce localised unwanted alarms affecting other occupancies. Each optical smoke detector combined with a sandwich sounder can be programmed to verify an alarm before evacuation procedures are initiated. This makes the ProFyre A2 the ideal solution for buildings such as HMOs.
  • Certification
    The A2 is approved by Intertek who are the UK and Ireland’s trusted provider of quality and safety services for many of the world’s leading brands and companies.

To summarise, the ProFyre A2 is the ideal solution for smaller installations and is perfectly suited for installations that require straightforward alarm management and ease of use such as Houses in Multiple Occupation.

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