Product of the Month – The Blazer – Automatic Aspirating Maintenance System


For November’s product of the month we would like to bring to your attention the Blazer – an automatic aspirating maintenance system designed with the idea of securing high performance in aspirating smoke detection systems.

This idea of enhancing performance is very effective as clean systems have a positive impact on operational reliability (and also operation times), whilst lengthening the system’s lifespan.

Having clean and well maintained aspirating smoke detection systems also reduces the risk of alarms being triggered due to pollution or blockages in the piping network, as well as reducing the need for filters to be replaced.

How It Works

The Blazer is intended for use with with large bore, low pressure aspirating systems and is installed just above the aspirating smoke detector in the piping network. The Blazer blows pressurised air into the pipes to remove any accumulated dirt and the pulsating effect of the air being pushed through the system ensures that even persistent dirt is removed from the inside of the piping network. Fine dust from straw, cocoa or numerous other continuous processes that create high levels of dust is also removed effectively.

Once the system is in operation, a cleaning cycle begins at the aspiration pipe which is connected first, depending on the number of pipes attached. Once the first channel has been cleaned, the system switches to the second and, if present, the third and fourth aspiration pipes. All of which are cleaned one by one, removing all dirt and pollution from the system.

The Blazer – Automatic Aspiration Maintenance System is extremely effective in blowing the network of pipes clean. A programmable logic controller can also be used with The Blazer to schedule when cleaning takes place, according to the extent, this can be daily or weekly or in periods of down time. For the duration of the cleaning process, the aspiration system continues to function without any further intervention required.

Key Features

There are many key features the Blazer – Automatic Aspirating Maintenance System provides such as:

  • It minimizes the wear and tear on the the ASD
  • Lowers overall maintenance costs
  • Reduces the frequency of required filter replacement
  • Stops the transport and lifting of compressors and vacuums
  • Reduces the amount of call outs caused by flow faults
  • Programmable schedules

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