OSID – Product of the month


For this month’s product of the month we would like to present to you the OSID (Open-area Smoke Imaging Detector) from Xtralis. OSID is an innovation in projected beam smoke detection technology that provides a low-cost, reliable and easy to install early warning smoke detection system.

The OSID is award-winning, revolutionary technology designed for use in open spaces where fire detection presents uncommon challenges. This diverse Open-area Smoke Imaging Detector offers fast, unsurpassed immunity to reflections, vibrations and extreme building movement and highest immunity to steam, fog, dust, condensation and other obstructions.

A single OSID imager is capable of detecting up to seven different emitters to provide a wide coverage area. Emitters can be placed within the field of view of the imager at any height and, due to the OSID’s wide field of vision, only need be roughly aligned.

Typical Applications

The OSID can provide open-area smoke detection for a wide range of applications which are susceptible to dust and dirt, steam, fog, building movement and other environmental challenges and therefore at risk of false alarm. Examples of such environments include:

  • Warehouses – Often large, open-area buildings that are prone to dust and other pollutants where use of heavy operational machinery such as forklifts and cranes may cause vibration and building movement.
  • Metro Stations and Railway Tunnels – Where increased airflow and ground and building movement from passing trains can trigger false alarms.
  • Places of worship – Commonly high and voluminous buildings with high airflow and obstacles. Changes in climate can also cause structural movement within these, often old, buildings.
  • Polluted manufacturing facilities – Large buildings that are often polluted by dust, dirt, grease and oil and debris from materials.

The OSID can provide reliable detection that overcomes all the obstacles that are present in these environments, offering higher resistance to risk of false alarm.

Low Risk of False Alarm

Dual wavelength particle detection creates the ability to distinguish between particle sizes which allows the detector to provide repeatable smoke obscuration measurements, while dismissing the presence of dust particles or solid intruding objects.

Its exceptional immunity to misalignment, which is created by employing a wide-angle imaging sensor and sophisticated algorithms to compensate for vibrations and building movement, means that false alarms created by building movement or inaccuracies during installation are eliminated.

The OSID works reliably and and effectively in any environment, regardless of smoke type, lighting, airflows or building movement.

Cost Effective

Installation time is minimal and can reduce total installation time by three quarters when compared to installation of traditional beam detectors. Its high tolerance to dust also means that the OSID requires minimal maintenance.

Installation and commissioning is intuitive and large viewing angles enable three-dimensional area coverage for additional deployment savings and design flexibility.

Ultimately OSID is a cost-effective, low-maintenance and highly reliable smoke detection system that is able to overcome multiple obstacles. These factors make it the ideal solution for reducing the risk of costly false alarms, saving money, reducing business downtime and, overall, protecting human life.

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