National Trust Fire System


Eurofyre recently supplied and commissioned a fire system in an unusual National Trust property presenting a range of fire protection challenges. Read more to find out why we were selected and which devices we chose to use for the project.

About The Property

575 Wandsworth Road is a very unique property. Different to the stately homes and gardens you’d normally associate with. The National Trust, 575 Wandsworth Road is a small ‘two-up two-down’ Georgian terraced house in London.

Before it came into the Trust’s hands the house was home to Khadambi Asalache, a Kenyan poet and civil servant. When Khadambi Asalache took on the house in 1981 it was in a poor state of repair and suffered from damp caused by a neighbouring industrial laundrette.

In an attempt to hide the damp, Khadambi used recycled pine to create fretwork on the walls. But he didn’t stop there. The intricate hand-carved fretwork eventually continued throughout the house, covering nearly every surface in detailed patterns and motifs.

In May 2006 the house was left to the National Trust in Khadambi’s will when he passed away. The Trust accepted the house after deciding that it was of national significance and should be safeguarded for future generations.

Why Eurofyre?

Like all buildings open to the public, the law requires that a suitable fire detection and warning system is in operation.

Due to the nature of the property the National Trust didn’t want to spoil the aesthetics of the beautifully decorated house with unsightly standard smoke detectors. Instead they came to Eurofyre to employ our expertise in aspirating smoke detection – a solution that can be hidden while still providing superior fire detection.

The Fire System

With the main focus of the project being the installation of a discrete fire system that would not interfere with the aesthetics of the property, the Fire system that Eurofyre put together for 575 Wandsworth Road consisted of the following:

  • EF-ASD2: The EF-ASD2 is a professional air sampling unit, designed to complement conventional and analogue addressable system technology by combining standard field-serviceable smoke detectors with a standalone air-sampling solution. The EF-ASD2 uses a powerful fan to draw air from the protected area through 25mm pipes. Three EF-ASD2 units were used for the system, all hidden in non-public areas of the house.
  • 25mm Pipework: 25mm pipework was installed in voids and above ceilings, where it remains invisible to the public eye. Drops were then made off the pipework to small sampling points in each room or area that required protection.
  • Standard Smoke Detectors: Standard smoke detectors were used in the areas that are not open to the public such as the loft and other ‘behind the scenes’ areas.
  • Profyre A4: All of the devices used report back to the main fire alarm panel, the Profyre A4 4 loop analogue addressable fire alarm control panel from Eurofyre.

At Eurofyre we also supply a wide range of fire detection systems and associated safety products including aspirating smoke detectors, 2-wire systems and conventional fire panels.

If you need any help or further information on any Eurofyre products please do not hesitate to get in touch either by email [email protected], telephone 01329 835 024 or through our online enquiry form.