Linear Heat Detection for Transformers


A transformer is a component that reduces or increases the voltage of an alternating current. While they are very widely used in a wide range of environments such as offices, homes and factories, large scale transformers are also used in power stations to aid production and distribution of high voltage electricity by reducing energy losses during transmission.

What are the Fire Risks Associated with Transformers?

There are a number of fire risks associated with transformers, the most common being overheating.

  • Overheating
    As transformers often deal with very high electrical currents for a continuous time period, they have an increased risk of overheating, and can easily set combustible materials alight. The apparatus overheats as a result of deterioration of insulation in the transformer meaning arcing is produced. Arcing overheats insulating oil and, therefore, causes the tanks to rupture, and if continued will start a fire.
  • Lightning
    Fires can also be ignited by lightning, in fact, lightning can cause the transformer to explode due to overloading the power supply.

What are the Challenges?

There are a variety of challenges to overcome when implementing an efficient fire detection system where transformers are in use, the main issue being that they come in a range of sizes and shapes and each has different work loads. This calls for more localised detections and makes it hard for traditional fire detection systems to cover the entire area, especially as most transformers operate at a high temperature for extended periods of time.

What is the Solution?

FyreLine linear heat detection is the most efficient solution for protecting electrical transformers from fire as it provides fast, reliable detection of overheating and fire, and is available with a number of different coatings, allowing them to operate in even the most adverse of environments. FyreLine has the ability to detect heat anywhere along the length of the heat sensing cable, offering accurate detection an increased response times.

There are two types of FyreLine linear heat detection available, analogue and digital:

FyreLine Analogue

FyreLine Analogue

FyreLine Analogue linear heat detection can detect heat anywhere along its length and is suitable for a wide range of environments. Fyreline Analogue persistently looks out for changes in temperature and triggers an alarm once its specified temperature is reached. FyreLine Analogue allows gives users the opportunity to set a pre-alarm warning, allowing them to investigate a potential fire before the alarm is raised.

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FyreLine Digital

FyreLine Digital

FyreLine Digital linear heat detection offers a fixed temperature detection solution at a variety of rated temperatures and is, therefore, suited to a variety of applications. Once the cable reaches or exceeds its rated temperature, it will send an alarm signal to the fire alarm control panel where it will raise an alarm.

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Nylon Coating

Eurofyre’s range of FyreLine heat sensing cables can be combined with range of coatings to protect a wide range of environments, even those hard to protect environments with the presence of strong acids, sunlight and hazardous chemicals. FyreLine linear heat detection coatings include:

  • PVC Coated Sensing Cable
  • Nylon Coated Sensing Cable
  • Stainless Steel Braid Coated Sensing Cable
  • High Temperature Coated Sensing Cable
  • Polypropylene Coated Sensing Cable

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