Linear Heat Detection for Industrial and Commercial Kitchens


Industrial and commercial kitchens come in a range of different sizes and layouts. Kitchens are not only located in large food processing plants, but also in public locations such as restaurants, shopping centres, schools, large office blocks and sports centres.

What are the risks?

There are many risks associated with industrial and commercial kitchens. They are often filled with an array of hot equipment, open flames and hazardous cleaning products, which can easily ignite and spread a fire. Some other main causes of kitchen fires include:

  • Oils spills
  • Loose cables
  • Grease build up
  • Excess amounts of fat – and oil splashes
  • Water spills on electrical leads and cables

What are the challenges?

There are also a number of challenges to overcome when choosing the best, most effective fire detection systems.

The continual fluctuating temperatures within a kitchen puts strain on fire detection system, with temperatures rising and falling from sudden bursts of flames and gushes of cold air from freezers. Therefore, fire detection equipment used must be able to resist these fluctuations without triggering an alarm.

Kitchens are also highly likely to produce continual atmospheric gases, smoke and vapours. Conventional point detection can trigger unwanted alarms from this, resulting in unnecessary evacuation and, therefore, maybe not be suitable for applications such as these.

What is the solution?

Fyreline Linear Heat Detection is the ideal solution for fire protection in industrial and commercial kitchens. Fyreline Linear Heat Detection not only withstands continual atmospheric gases, it can also ensure that no false alarm is triggered as a result of temperature change caused by the daily activities in the kitchen.

A typical Installation Area

The most effective location to install Fyreline linear heat detection cable is along the cooker hood. The most common kitchen fires form around gas burners (and electric hobs), where, if not well maintained, the buildup of silt oil ignites. Kitchens are generally designed to ensure the cooker hood extracts this heat, trying to control the flames. Therefore, lining the hood with a Nylon coated sensing cable will detect the fire immediately.

Nylon Coated Sensing Cable

Nylon Coated Sensing Cable

As there is a large amount of fats and oils present in a kitchen, and the chemicals used to clean commercial and industrial kitchen may be hazardous, we’d recommend you use Nylon Coated Sensing Cable.

Nylon Coated Sensing Cable provides suitable UV protection when used in direct sunlight and has increased durability, therefore, it provides additional mechanical protection. Nylon Coated Sensing Cables are available in both digital and analogue fire detection format.

Fyreline Digital

FireLyine Digital

Fyreline Digital Heat Sensing Cable offers fixed heat detection at temperature ratings of 68°C, 88°C, 105°C or 185°C – with 105℃ being best suited to kitchen applications – and once the cable reaches its rated temperature, it directs a signal of fire to the alarm control panel, triggering the alarm.

Fyreline Analogue

FyreLine Analogue

Fyreline Analogue Heat Sensing Cable offers heat detection at temperatures anywhere between 54℃ and 105℃. It can also provide a two-stage warning of fire – allowing both pre alarm and alarm conditions, providing the opportunity for potential fires to be explored before a full alarm is activated – this makes this perfectly suited to kitchen applications, as excess heat is to be expected.

Eurofyre are proud, British manufacturers of specialist fire detection systems for commercial and industrial applications. Our range of products includes, but is not limited to, analogue addressable fire alarm systems, 2-wire fire detection systems, conventional fire alarm systems, aspirating smoke detection and video smoke detection.

Our expertise and experience enables us to supply complete systems for any application. Please feel free to get in touch if you need help with choosing the right system for your application or if you would like to discuss any of our products.

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