Linear Heat Detection Digital Interface Monitor Module


FyreLine Digital Linear Heat DetectionFyreLine Digital Linear Heat Detection systems provide fast, reliable and cost-effective heat detection for many different applications. FyreLine Digital can be connected directly to a single zone of a conventional fire alarm control panel or easily interfaced into an addressable loop. However, by combining Fyreline Digital with a FyreLine Digital Interface Monitor Module (DiMM), it becomes even more diverse.

The FyreLine Digital Interface Monitor Module provides active monitoring capability for up to two zones, allowing two different lengths of digital heat sensing cable to be monitored independently. Alternatively, the DiMM can be configured for coincidence detection to reduce false or nuisance alarms.

Key Features

  • Dual zones, can monitor 2 digital cables
  • Interlock/coincidence detection
  • Displays distances to the alarm point in feet or meters
  • RS-485 communication

How it Works

The Digital Interface Monitor Module is designed to be installed between the linear heat detection cable and an addressable or conventional fire alarm control panel. However, a two wire, RS-485 Modbus RTU output is also provided for integration with an industrial process control system.

Linear heat detection cable can be installed directly into the DiMM, or a length of leader cable can be used if the area requiring protection is further away from the interface.

When a fire or overheat event occurs, the DiMM calculates the distance in between the interface and the point of the alarm. The calculated distance is then displayed on the monitors LCD, alternating between meters and feet.

Operating Modes

The Digital Interface Monitor Module can be used in one of two operating modes:

Independent Mode

In independent mode, the DiMM provides a two-zone system. Each zone is monitored individually, and when a fire or fault event occurs, the corresponding output is triggered. Each zone has its own separate alarm and fault outputs as well as individual power, alarm and fault lights on the unit itself.

Interlock Mode

In Interlock Mode, two linear heat detection cables with the same temperature rating can be used to provide coincidence detection. An alarm event will only be triggered once both cables reach their rated temperature, thus eliminating false alarms.

Typical Applications

The DiMM is well suited for any digital linear heat detection application that requires accurate location reporting of a fire or overheat event. This typically includes applications such as:

  • Cable Trays
  • Tunnels
  • Car Parks
  • Warehouse Racking
  • Power Stations


The FyreLine Digital Interface Monitor Module fully complies with the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 864 Standard for Control Units and Accessories for Fire Alarm Systems, 10th edition.

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