Hybrid Fire Detection for Town Halls


A town hall is a historical building located in the city centre of a town or city. Town halls are used for a wide range of events such as; conferences, parties, debates and shows, meaning they are quite often open to the public. Town halls also tend to be a popular tourist destination and have a strong security team.

What are the Risks Associated with Town Halls?

Town halls hold a range of fire risks, some of which include:

  • Public Access
    With many people visiting town halls each day, some of which are tourists, the risk of fire rises due to the possible over usage of equipment and congestion. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that a reliable fire detection system is in place, and escape routes are clear.
  • Electrical Faults
    Town halls typically house a large amount of electrical equipment, and if they are to become faulty, a fire may break out, especially if they are to spark and come into contact with flammable materials.
  • Arson
    Town halls often host a number of political debates and can be a principle location for protests and demonstrations. Therefore, they can be vulnerable to vandalism and arson attacks.

What are the Challenges?

There are many challenges when it comes to finding the best fire detection system for town halls, the main being:

Disruption and Cost

If new regulations are introduced, or existing hardwired systems become faulty or need upgrading, the costs and time that comes with the closure of the town hall can have a very damaging impact on revenue.


As well as disruption and costs, aesthetics are too a challenge when upgrading or replacing hardwired fire detection systems as they often require new cabling meaning walls and ceilings need to be torn apart before being put back together.

What is the Solution?

Buildings as large as this need a variety of detection types to cover all areas of the premises. The solution must be flexible and cost-effective. Therefore, making a hybrid fire detection system that combines hardwired and wireless detection technology is the perfect solution.


Wi-Fyre allows hardwired and wireless technology to co-exist and operate side-by-side to form a full hybrid fire detection solution. This means that wireless detection can be used in areas where disruption needs to be kept to a minimum or access is limited. Wired devices can also be used to save cost where possible.

This makes Wi-Fyre the perfect solution for town halls as it cuts installation time down tremendously, meaning if the building does need to be shut down for maintenance, it will be for the shortest time possible.

Wi-Fyre also reduces the risk of damaging the aesthetics of the property, as it provides you with the opportunity to safely add, or replace existing detectors without the need to for new cabling.

Wireless detectors can simply connect with your pre-existing system, via a Wi-Fyre Transponder installed into the fire alarms wiring. Each transponder can communicate with up to thirty field devices, including; manual call points, sounders, detectors and input/outputs modules.

Wi-Fyre’s hybrid solutions is available with six, user-selectable modes of operation to ensure increased compatibility with a range of different detection types takes place:

  • Conventional
  • Addressable (Collective)
  • ProFyre 2-Wire Addressable
  • ProFyre Addressable
  • Standalone
  • Reflective

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