Hybrid Fire Detection For Prisons


A prison is a building used to house individuals who have are awaiting trial or have committed a crime. Prisons are a place for confinement and are used as punishment for illegal actions.

What are the Fire Risks Associated with Prisons?

There are many fire risks associated with prisons, including:

  • Behaviour
    Negative behaviour in prisons can lead to riots or arson attacks, which can start from both inside and outside the premises. Prison riots usually begin as a result of a group of prisoners acting in a disorderly manner in an attempt to force change and express their views. This can lead to fires being started which need to be detected and dealt with as soon as possible.
  • Cigarettes
    With many inmates and visitors accessing prisons each day there is an increased risk of fire from incorrectly extinguished cigarettes. If strict policies are not followed, a fire could easily break out.
  • Electrical Appliances
    Electrical appliances used in office areas or around the building can cause a fire if they experience electrical faults, are subjected to misuse or are not regularly serviced.

The Importance of a Reliable Fire Alarm System in Prisons

With the many fire risks associated with prisons, it goes without saying that fast, reliable fire alarm detection is needed. For example, many people visit the premises and may not be familiar with the layout of the building and the evacuation procedures. As well as this, the high number of occupants can make evacuation difficult. Therefore, effective fire detection is paramount to provide enough time for prisoners, workers and visitors to evacuate safely.

What is the Solution?

Large buildings like this need a number of detection types to cover all areas of the premises. The solution must be flexible and cost-effective, making a hybrid fire detection system, that combines hardwired and wireless detection technology, the perfect solution.


Wi-Fyre allows hardwired and wireless technology to co-exist and operate side-by-side to form a full hybrid fire detection solution. This means that wireless detection can be used in areas where disruption needs to be kept to a minimum or access is limited and wired devices can also be used to save cost where possible.

Wireless detectors can simply connect with your pre-existing system, via a Wi-Fyre Transponder installed into the fire alarms wiring. Each transponder can communicate with up to thirty field devices, including; manual call points, sounders, detectors and input/outputs modules.

Wi-Fyre’s hybrid solution is available with six, user-selectable modes of operation to ensure increased compatibility with a range of different detection types takes place:

  • Conventional
  • Addressable (Collective)
  • ProFyre 2-Wire Addressable
  • ProFyre Addressable
  • Standalone
  • Reflective

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