Hybrid Fire Detection for Pop-Up Shops


Pop-up shops, also known as pop-up stores, pop-up retail or flash retailing, is a trend of opening short-term sales spaces for a few days or weeks, often to catch onto a fad or an event. The pop-up retail trend started in the US and has spread worldwide with pop-up shops becoming increasingly popular in countries such as Canada, China, Japan, France, Germany and the UK.

Pop-up shops are temporary and often used by companies to build interest in a new product or attract customers to a more permanent location. These shops are commonly seen inside shopping centres but can also be found on streets or just outside other retail outlets.

Despite these retail units being only temporary, companies operating pop-up shops still have a duty of care to protect their visitors and customers from fire and require a fire detection system.

There are several fire detection options available for this type of premises from standalone systems to systems that connect to a main fire alarm control panel, usually in the main building or shopping centre that the unit is attached to. However, fire detection for temporary structures can be costly and finding a cost-effective solution is important.


  • Reliability
    The fire detection system used must provide reliable and fast detection of fire and provide enough warning for fires to be controlled and the area to be evacuated safely.
  • Flexibility
    Pop-up shops may only be used once, they may reappear regularly, they may travel around the world and they may even take on different layouts or formats. Therefore, it is important that the system provided is flexible so that it can be easily adapted to suit the circumstances.
  • Interconnectivity
    In the case that the fire alarm is to be monitored from a central location or provide a warning to surrounding buildings or stores, the ability to connect the chosen fire alarm into a central fire alarm control panel is preferable.

The Solution

Wi-Fyre Hybrid Fire Detection
Wi-Fyre Hybrid Fire Detection

Wi-Fyre can provide the perfect solution for protecting temporary or pop-up shops from fire. It is flexible, reliable and adaptable and can be integrated wirelessly into an existing fire alarm system.

Wireless Integration

Wi-Fyre Transponders can be installed into an existing hardwired fire alarm system control panel via a compatible interface. This means that the signal from the installed detectors, sounders and manual call points can be relayed wirelessly from the pop-up store to a central location and thus, become part of the main store or shopping centre’s fire alarm system.

As Wi-Fyre devices connect wirelessly to the transponder, minimal cabling is required to install the system and it can be simply removed and/or rearranged to suit the environment.

A wireless survey using the Wi-Fyre Wireless Survey Head must be conducted to ensure that the signal between the devices and transponder is strong enough for the system to operate efficiently.

For more information about how Wi-Fyre can be used to protect pop-up shops or other temporary buildings, please feel free to give us a call on +44 (0)1329 835024 or email [email protected] where we would be happy to answer any questions. You can also find more applications where Wi-Fyre can provide a reliable and cost-effective fire detection solution on our Blog.

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