Hybrid Fire Detection for Bin Stores


A bin store can range from a simple wooden structure to a brick outbuilding and is used to store waste and recycling before it is collected and taken away. Bin stores usually contain a number of storage vessels and, in many cases, cleaning tools and equipment. Bin stores typically accompany industrial or commercial premises and can be attached to or detached from the main building.

What are the Challenges?

Bin stores are dusty, dirty and damp environments and sometimes have little protection from the elements.

Due to the nature of these areas, if a fire is to break out, it can spread very quickly to other parts of the building. Therefore, it is vital that reliable detection is in place to detect fires quickly and alert occupants in the main building. Fire detection must connect to the main control panel, however, this can be difficult if the bin stores are located in an outbuilding that is detached from the building in which the fire alarm control panel is installed.

Detectors also need to be able to withstand the damp and dirty environmental aspects of a bin store. This means that traditional type spot detection may be unsuitable.

What is the Solution?

Panasonic IP67 and ATEX compliant detectors are the perfect detection solution for bin stores. They are rugged and waterproof and offer state of the art heat detection rated for use in outdoor and humid areas. Panasonic’s range of enclosed conventional heat detectors is also ATEX compliant which means they are safe for use in an environment with an explosive atmosphere.


Panasonic IP67 and ATEX compliant detectors are hardwired devices that typically need to be wired directly to the fire alarm control panel. However, due to the nature of their operation, they can be installed as part of a hybrid fire detection system.

Panasonic heat detectors do not consume any current in their quiescent condition. Therefore, they do not need power – these detectors are essentially a bi-metallic switch and can be monitored using a wireless I/O module.

Hybrid Fire Detection

A hybrid fire detection solution, such as Wi-Fyre, allows hardwired and wireless detection technology to coexist as part of the same fire detection system. This means that in areas such as bin stores, that may be separate from the main building, wireless field devices can be used to avoid installing cabling between the two buildings – saving both money and time.


At the heart of the Wi-Fyre detection solution is the Wi-Fyre transponder. This is installed into the existing fire alarm wiring via a compatible interface module. Each transponder can communicate with up to thirty mixed field devices such as detectors, manual call points, sounders and I/O units.

In this instance, a Wi-Fyre wireless I/O unit can be used to monitor one or more Panasonic heat detectors and report its condition wirelessly to the fire alarm control panel.

A wireless survey must be conducted using the Wi-Fyre Survey Head to ensure that the signal between the I/O device and the transponder is strong enough for the system to operate efficiently.

Wi-Fyre is available with six user-selectable modes of operation to offer increased compatibility with a range of existing fire alarm systems:

  • Conventional
  • ProFyre 2-Wire addressable
  • ProFyre addressable
  • Addressable (collective)
  • Reflective
  • Standalone

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