How to Install VESDA into Dirty Environments


Many industrial applications are considered to be a “dirty environment”. Dirty environments can contain high levels of airborne dust, steam, heat and other vapour discharges which can all make fire detection difficult.

There are many applications that are considered to be dirty environments, some of which include:

  • Power plants
  • Rendering plants
  • Tanneries
  • Processing/production plants
  • Garbage – Waste treatment
  • Fertiliser plants
  • Recycling plants
  • Various types of manufacturing facilities

What are the Challenges?

Dirty environments present many challenges for fire detection systems. Airborne dust particles can have an adverse effect on some detection types making them ineffective and unreliable. Additionally, dust can affect the longevity of the system and cause a plethora of maintenance issues making fire detection systems expensive to operate and maintain. Many dirty environments will also have a number of other challenges to overcome such as high-temperatures, damp, vibrations and corrosive atmospheres.

What is the Solution?

VESDA VLI aspirating smoke detection can provide the perfect smoke detection solution for most dirty environments. VESDA VLI detectors are housed in an IP-66 rated enclosure to prevent the ingress of dust and water and, when deployed correctly, can overcome most of the challenges that dirty environments throw at it.

To ensure that contaminants, which could enter the detector when the pipes are removed, do not build up around the ports, the detector can be inverted so that the sample points enter from the bottom. This minimises the chance of dirt entering the ports when the pipes are removed.

In many cases, detectors can be installed outside of the dirty environment and use a network of pipes to draw air from the protected areas. This allows detectors to remain relatively dirt free and provides easy access for maintenance.

VESDA VLI detectors are also available with a variety of sampling pipe types to cater to areas that require more than the standard PVC piping. This includes ABS, which is more durable and has a higher corrosive chemical resistance, HFT, which is halogen free and flame retardant, metal, which is more durable, and many more.

Smoke testing in the dirty environment can also help to determine where sampling pipe should be installed. This can help keep the amount of pipe used to a minimum, reducing the risk of contamination and saving costs.

Using an automatic aspirating smoke detection maintenance system, such as the Blazer, to regularly blow pressurised air into the pipes can also reduce contamination and remove any accumulated dirt, ensuring optimum performance of the system.

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