How to Install VESDA in Low-Temperature Environments


A low-temperature environment is an area that contains a low ambient temperature, for example; cold storage freezer warehouses, frozen food processing plants or external areas in extremely cold climates.

These applications can vary in many ways such as in operation, size, shape and temperature levels. Therefore, applying a reliable and cost-effective fire detection solution in these environments can be challenging.

Low-Temperature Design Considerations

While these low-temperature environments vary in many ways, they will all most likely have similar conditions that need to be taken into consideration at the design stage. The key factor within this, is that when Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) systems are installed, they must be easy to maintain and perform effectively; loss or disruption to business operations as a result of fire can be costly and life-threatening.

Selecting the most suitable detectors, ancillary equipment, fittings and sampling pipes for low-temperature applications is essential and must all be suitable for the environment.

What are the Most Common VESDA Systems Used in Low-Temperature Environments?

Eurofyre are proud, British manufacturers of specialist fire detection equipment for industrial and commercial use and offer a cost-effective solution to help keep industrial premises safe from fire.

Eurofyre is the main technical wholesaler for Xtralis VESDA products in the South of England. We stock, distribute and support the full range of VESDA Aspirating Smoke Detection products available with a comprehensive range of pipework and fittings in either grey, red or white.

Which Fire Detection Systems are Most Suited to Low-Temperature Environments?

VESDA aspirating smoke detectors by Xtralis, offer very early warning aspirating smoke detection with continuous air sampling to provide the earliest possible warning of an impending fire, even in the most challenging of environments, including in low-temperature environments This allows fires to be contained and investigated with an appropriate response time to prevent injury and property damage, with minimal disruption to a business.


The VESDA VLI by Xtralis is an industry first early warning aspirating smoke detection (ASD) system, designed to protect industrial applications and harsh environments of up to 2000m2 (20,000 sq. ft.).

The VLI detector combines a fail-safe Intelligent Filter (patent pending) with an advanced clean-air barrier for optics protection allowing the use of absolute detection and a long detection chamber life without the need for recalibration.

Some of the key features of the VESDA VLI include:

  • Clean Air Zero
  • Secondary Filter
  • Clean air barrier for optics protection
  • Referencing
  • AutoLearn™ Smoke and Flow
  • Ultrasonic flow sensing
  • P66 Enclosure
  • Easy mounting through steel support bracket
  • Modular field replaceable parts for ease of servicing
  • BACnet over Ethernet
  • Local USB configuration port


The Xtralis VESDA VLP Aspirating Smoke Detector is classed as a “Very Early Warning Smoke Detector”, meaning it can accurately measure very low to extremely high concentrations of smoke and can reliably detect fire at the earliest stage possible.

VESDA VLP is the central element of the VESDA ASD product range and uses distinctive detection properties to provide an alarm sensitivity range of 0.0005% to 20% obscuration/m (0.0015%–6.25% obscuration/ft).

Some of the key features of the VESDA VLP include:

  • VESDAnetTM
  • AutoLearnTM
  • Referencing
  • Event log
  • Easy to replace air filter
  • Recessed mounting option
  • Clean air barrier optics protection
  • Four configurable alarm levels
  • Four inlet pipes
  • Modular design


Refrigeration Sampling Kit

The Xtralis Refrigerated Storage Sampling Kit has been created to replace the ordinary cone-shaped sampling nozzles installed at the ceiling in existing or new Refrigerated Storage facilities. This refrigeration kit can be installed in the entire facility or combined with standard sampling points (nozzles) if required and it aims to lower direct ice blockage of the sampling points.

In comparison to the existing practice of installing ASD pipes inside the Refrigerated Storage facility, the Xtralis Refrigerated Storage Sampling Kit eliminates:

  • The need for heat tracing
  • The ASD pipe to be installed
  • The need for a high-density density polyethylene pipe (HDPE)
  • Ongoing costs for high lifting equipment and service and maintenance

The Blazer


The Blazer aspiration maintenance system has been developed with the aim of securing the proper performance of the aspiration system. A clean system has a longer lifespan and a positive effect on operational reliability and, with that, operation times. The risk of the detector issuing an alarm due to blockages and pollution in the piping network is reduced to a minimum as is the frequency at which the filters need to be replaced.

In order for The Blazer to perform properly, it needs a minimum pressure of 4 atmospheres. In order to handle these pressure levels, the system uses high-quality valves. As in the case of the valves, a conscious choice was made for high-quality A-brand parts for the development of The Blazer.

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