Linear Heat Detection from Eurofyre


Linear Heat Detection can offer early detection of fire or warn of over-heating equipment in a specific area. Linear heat detection uses lengths of sensing cable that work in a similar way to conventional heat detectors, the difference being that they are capable of detecting fire, or excessive heat, at any point along their length. There is no minimum length exposure required to generate an alarm signal and systems can be installed using lengths in excess of 1000m.

Linear heat detectors can be used in conjunction with conventional heat detectors or can provide a suitable alternative where conventional heat detection proves to be too costly or difficult to service.

How Does Linear Heat Detection Work?

Linear Heat sensing cable, in particular Eurofyre’s FyreLine heat detection cable, is made up of 2 twisted and tensioned tin-plated, copper-coated steel conductors. Each of the two cables are coated in a temperature sensitive polymer which when heated to its rated temperature disintegrates, causing the two cables to touch. The touching cables create a short which signals to the control panel that there is a fire, the control panel is then able to give a rough distance of how far away the short has occurred.

What Are the Typical Applications of Linear Heat Detection?

Linear heat detection has a myriad of suitable applications including industrial, commercial and domestic. It can be used in power generation facilities to detect excess heat from cables, switchgear and electrical cupboards; in road and railway tunnels and on station platforms; and in electrical wiring in homes, hospitals and hotels, to name but a few examples.

Eurofyre’s Linear Heat Detection Range

Eurofyre’s FyreLine type controler has been designed as an optional, low-power, single-zone interface. The FyreLine interface has two volt-free contacts to send a a signal of fire or fault thus allowing linear heat detection to be integrated into an existing conventional or addressable system. When a fire is detected the interface sends a signal of alarm to the control panel along with a message to show the location of the alarm in meters or feet based upon the distance along the heat sensing cable in which the alarm has been triggered.

The FyreLine controller has been designed exclusively for use with up to 2000m of the FyreLine digital linear heat sensor cable range. FyreLine linear heat sensing cable is available with a variety of outer sheaths including standard, enhanced corrosion and abrasion resistant, and steel braided, all with an alarm temperature ranging from 68°C to 105°C. There is also a high temperature sensor cable available with an alarm temperature of 185°C.

Once an alarm has been triggered the damaged part of the cable can be easily replaced using a junction box at each end to terminate. Junction boxes are available with one, two or three glands, are all weatherproof and are rated to IP66. There is also a single gland junction box available that is IP65 rated.

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