FyreLine LHD Used in Malaysia’s Kelana Jaya Line


Eurofyre recently provided a FyreLine Digital Linear Heat Detection system for one of Malaysia’s most advanced rail systems.

The Kelana Jaya Line is the first fully automated and driverless rail system in the Klang Valley area in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The 46.4km line services 37 stations and runs mostly on underground and elevated guideways.

The line runs from Putra Heights through Kelana Jaya to Gombak, serving the Subang Jaya and Petaling Jaya regions to the south; southwest and central Kuala Lumpur, and Kuala Lumpur City Centre to the centre; and low-density residential areas further north. The line, numbered 5 and coloured ruby on the official transit map, is one of the longest fully automated driverless metro lines in the world.

Of the lines 37 stations, 31 are elevated, 1 sits at ground level and 5 are underground.

Like any service that is open to the public, passenger trains, tunnels and stations all require suitable fire detection to help keep personnel and members of the public safe from fire.

What are the Fire Risks and Challenges in Rail Tunnels?

There are many fire hazards and risks associated with underground road and rail tunnels, some of which include:

  • Exhaust fumes
    High amounts of exhaust fumes and gases are often present in rail tunnels. This not only increases the risk of fire but may also result in some types of detection being ineffective.
  • Arcing
    Electrical arcing caused by passing trains can easily ignite combustible gases and materials.
  • Rubbish and Debris
    Discarded food packaging, cigarette ends and other combustible materials are often in abundance in underground stations. These items can easily ignite if electrical arcing or other ignition sources are present.
  • Lifts and Escalators
    Lifts and escalators used to carry goods and passengers are put under great load each day and can malfunction, overheat and cause a fire.
  • Electrical Cables
    Electrical cables used for lighting, ventilation and other systems such as IT infrastructure are also at risk of overheating due to overloading or damage.

Tunnels are long and often have limited access. They can be multi-level construction with a maze of passages and shafts. They are also subject to varying airflow, exhaust fumes and gases that may cause some fire detection types to trigger nuisance alarms or become generally inadequate.

What is the Solution?

Linear Heat Detection (LHD) is well suited to applications such as rail and road tunnels. LHD can provide fast and reliable detection in even the most challenging of environments. Linear Heat Sensing Cable can detect heat anywhere along its length and provide an accurate location of fire. It can be installed in cable trays, along lift and ventilation shafts, conveyor belts and escalators and in roof voids to provide optimum heat detection for a variety of applications.

FyreLine, Eurofyre’s Linear Heat Detection solution is available in two versions, digital and analogue:

FyreLine Analogue

FyreLine Analogue heat sensing cable continually monitors for changes in temperature. Once the predefined temperature is reached, the signal is relayed to the fire alarm control panel. A pre-alarm temperature can also be determined to allow potential fires to be investigated before the alarm is raised.

FyreLine Digital

FyreLine Digital provides fixed heat detection at temperatures of 68°C, 88°C, 105°C or 185°C. Once the cables rated temperature is reached, a signal is sent to the fire alarm control panel.

All FyreLine heat sensing cable is available in a variety of coatings to ensure maximum protection from UV, chemical and mechanical abrasion.

FyreLine Digital for the Kelana Jaya Line

Eurofyre recently provided a FyreLine Digital Linear Heat Detection System consisting of  3km of PVC coated heat detection cable rated at 88°C for use in the Kelana Jaya Line tunnel between the Damai portal and the Pasar Seni portal and the five underground stations in-between: Ampang Park, KLCC, Kampung Baru, Dang Wangi and Masjid Jamek.

Heat detection cable was installed along the entire length of the tunnel and around platforms and underground stations to overcome the obstacles that other detection types cannot and provide faster and reliable detection to keep staff and passengers safe from fire.

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