Fire Alarm Systems – Bureau de Change


A Bureau de Change, or currency exchange, is an establishment which allows customers to exchange money for different currencies. A Bureau de Change makes its money by selling any form of foreign money at a higher exchange rate than which it buys it. A Bureau de Change can be found in a number of different locations including stand alone stores, travel agents, airports and even superstores.

What are the Fire Risks Associated with a Bureau de Change?

  • Electrical wires
    Loose electrical wires or those that have been plugged into an overloaded plug socket have a high chance of causing a spark, which if gone unnoticed can set the entire room alight.
  • Faulty security technology
    Just like electrical wires, faulty security technology can cause a fire if it is gone unnoticed.
  • Loose papers and documents
    Loose papers and documents leave the room vulnerable to catching fire if caught by a spark or flame.
  • Neighbouring Stores
    Some Bureau de Change stores are located in shopping centres, meaning their neighbouring stores could increase the chances of fire. For example, they could be located next to an off licence selling flammable substances such as alcohol or restaurants using gas to cook food. Any of these substances could easily cause an intense blaze.

The importance of a reliable fire system in the bureau de change sector

As a Bureau de Change is open to the public and is the home to a large amount of money, it is essential a reliable and effective fire alarm system is installed and maintained. Besides putting lives at risk, a fire could result in a huge financial loss and could be devastating to a business such as this.

Cost effective solution

Eurofyre are proud, British manufactures of specialist fire detection equipment for commercial and industrial use.

Eurofyre’s ProFyre range of fire detection equipment provides an ‘open protocol’ to allow customers to have complete control over how their system is managed and maintained, whilst receiving the highest level of support.

Most common systems used in the bureau de change sector:


ProFyre C8 Conventional Panel

The ProFyre C8 is a compact, cost effective conventional fire alarm panel which is available in 1,2,4,6 or 8 zone versions. This, therefore, makes the panel suitable for small size properties, where an easy to install automatic alarm solution and fire detection is required.

The ProFyre C24 on the other hand, is ideal for medium size properties as it is a fully featured expandable panel available in 8,16 or 24 zone versions. The C24 is easy to commission, install, maintain and operate.

2-Wire Addressable

2-Wire Addressable

The ProFyre T8 2-wire addressable fire alarm system is designed to work with the ProFyre range of sounders, ancillary devices, 2-wire detectors and manual call points. The T8 is perfect for small to medium size properties as it provides all the advantages of an addressable system, with the simplicity of a conventional system.

Analogue Addressable

Analogue Addressable

Eurofyre’s ProFyre A2 fire alarm panel is great for medium sized properties that require less than 8 zones, 2 loops, 256 addresses and no cause & effect programming.

The ProFyre A4 panel is well suited for larger applications due to its modular nature. The ProFyre A4 panel has the ability to hold a maximum of 8 loops, with over 200 addresses per loop. The panel can be installed alone or with the option to listen to other nodes on a peer to peer network facility.

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