Fire Alarm System for Luxury British Fashion Brand


Eurofyre Supply State of the Art Fire Alarm System for Luxury British Fashion Brand

We recently supplied an aspirating smoke detection system for a luxury fashion company’s flagship store in Regent Street, London. The store, a grade II listed building built in 1820, was originally used as a theatre before eventually becoming the flagship shop for an iconic British fashion brand (who shall remain nameless in the interest of protecting their store).

Renovated by British craftsmen with the aim of highlighting the building’s architectural features, the store has been fully kitted out to remain future proof. Amongst other technological extravagances, the store boasts state-of-the-art tablet-based till systems, fully interactive mirrors and a massive 22ft screen – they even provide iPads for kids to play with when they get bored of shopping!

With the cost of a basic pair of denim jeans being around £150, not to mention the cost of all the technology involved, you can only imagine the overall value of the products on display within the store’s 27,000 square feet of selling space. It goes without saying really, the need for a reliable fire alarm system was of the greatest importance!

Why Eurofyre?

Like most installations supplied by Eurofyre, aspirating smoke detection was chosen to maintain the aesthetics of the property. Discreet sampling points were used for detection in shop floor areas and open area smoke detectors were used to protect high level areas while control panels and detection units were hidden away in back of house areas.

The Detection System

The installation was made up by a number of different Eurofyre components including:

  • EF-FT15 aspirating smoke detectors:Ten aspirating smoke detectors were used for discrete detection on the shop floor. Each EF-FT15 can monitor up to 15 different areas so you can imagine the amount of detection points needed to cover the area!
  • Open Area Smoke Detectors: Two open area smoke detectors were used to protect the dome ceiling and high level areas of the shop floor. In the simplest terms, an OSID uses an imager (a camera like device) with an emitter roughly aligned on the opposite wall. The emitter sends light signals to the imager, if the reception is altered due to the presence of genuine smoke particles the imager will go into alarm.
  • EF-LASD Laser Aspirating Smoke Detector: One laser detector was supplied to protect the undercroft area of the shop floor. The original undercroft has a slight incline due to the tiered seating that was once used in the theatre. During the renovation of the building this area was used to run trade systems such as electric and plumbing. The EF-LASD is a compact unit, perfect for use in in areas which are subject to to high levels of dust making it the ideal detector for use in this area.
  • ProFyre A4 Control Panels: Two ProFyre A4 control panels were networked together to cater for the vast amount of devices used in the installation. As well as the devices already mentioned multiple other devices such as standard optical optical detectors, heat detectors, manual call points and interface units all of which were used in back of house areas such as the store rooms.

All of the equipment for this install was supplied by Eurofyre. We supply a wide range of detection systems and associated safety products including aspirating smoke detectors, 2-wire fire alarm systems and conventional fire panels. For more information on any of the equipment used for this installation please do not hesitate to get in touch either by email to [email protected], by telephone on 01329 835 024 or through our online enquiry form.