Eurofyre Supply Hybrid Fire Alarm System for Prestigious London Property


Eurofyre was recently involved with the supply of a hybrid fire alarm system for a prestigious residential property in Highgate, London.

The Property

Situated in the north of London, Highgate is one of the most expensive London suburbs in which to live. Highgate village offers a selection of mainly Georgian shops, pubs, restaurants and residential streets. As well as its collection of 18th-century architecture, Highgate also has a plethora of beautiful green spaces and is home to London’s most famous cemetery and Highgate School, an exclusive public school.

There is a wide variety of housing styles in Highgate, catering for a number of different requirements. Properties range from high-end flats to exclusive detached villas, covering both modern and historic architecture.  The average property price in Highgate is currently around £1.5 million; however, some houses are valued upwards of £200 million.

Eurofyre were called upon to supply a hardwired fire alarm system for an extremely large residential property in Highgate. This awe-inspiring property required a reliable and effective fire alarm system with a central control panel.

The Fire Alarm System

One ProFyre A4 analogue addressable fire alarm panel was supplied for use at the heart of the fire alarm system, and ProFyre hardwired detectors and sounders were supplied for use throughout the property. As the project was nearing completion, additional devices were requested for insurance purposes.

The Problem

The request from the insurance company called for additional sounders to be installed in areas where sound levels were below the required volume.

By this point, it was no longer practical to install additional hardwired devices. Installing new cabling would cause enormous delays in the completion of the project and would mean a considerable portion of work that had already been completed would need to be redone.

The Solution

Wi-Fyre allows hardwired and wireless devices to connect seamlessly, thus providing the ideal solution for this situation. Wireless sounders could be installed in areas where the sound levels did not meet the necessary requirements, and connect wirelessly to the ProFyre A4 control panel via a Wi-Fyre Transponder.

Fortunately, as the ProFyre A4 fire alarm control panel was used, each sounder and transponder could still have their own address.

Using Wi-Fyre wireless devices meant the fire alarm system could be brought up to the required standard without the need for running new cables, with little disruption to the operation of the building and in a cost-effective and timely fashion.

Devices used

Wi-Fyre Transponder

The Wi-Fyre Transponder is connected to the fire alarm wiring via a compatible interface module and is designed to communicate with up to thirty mixed field devices.

Wi-Fyre Wireless Survey Head

A Wi-Fyre Survey Head was used to test the signal strength between the transponder and the locations that devices were to be installed, ensuring the connections were strong enough for the devices to communicate effectively.

Wi-Fyre Wireless Sounders

Wi-Fyre sounders were used in areas where audibility levels were not previously sufficient. Wi-Fyre wireless sounders are designed for wall or ceiling mounting and are available in red or white finishes. Each sounder has eight user selectable tones and an independent volume control.

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