Eurofyre Supply Fire Alarm System for 35M Townhouse


Eurofyre have recently supplied and commissioned a fire system for a London townhouse that’s reportedly worth over £35 million. Given the upscale nature of the 5-story building, located in central London, the fire alarm required was to be as discreet as possible in order to maintain the aesthetics of the property.

This made the choice to use aspirating smoke detection a simple one. Control panels and detectors could be installed into discreet areas of the property, and 6mm pipework could be used to carry air samples from inconspicuous sampling points in each of the rooms.

The Fire Alarm System

With the fundamentals in place and the decision to use aspirating smoke detection made, a fire alarm system was designed to focus around the following main components:

ProFyre A2

  • ProFyre A2 Fire Alarm Control Panel At the heart of every fire alarm system is a fire alarm control panel. It is the job of the control panel to monitor the fire detectors and respond to any signals accordingly. The ProFyre A2 is a compact, stylish, easy to install and configure control panel. Field devices connected to the A2 are automatically allocated to zones by virtue of their logical address and device text is easily entered using the fully integrated qwerty keyboard.

EF-FT15 Aspirating Smoke Detector

  • EF-FT15 6mm Micro Bore (High Pressure) Aspirating Smoke Detector The EF-FT15 is a 15 pipe high sensitivity air-sampling smoke detection system. The system uses unobtrusive, easy-to-install 6mm microfibre tubing to transport air from sampling points to the detector. Due to the large number of rooms in the townhouse two of these units were used, providing sampling for up to 30 different locations. These two EF-FT15 units were installed discretely into seldom used locations of the house.
  • Optical Smoke and Heat detectors Heat and optical detectors were used in parts of the house, such as basements, where aesthetics are not as important.

All the components used for this installation were provided by Eurofyre. Once the install was complete, a Commissioning Engineer was sent to the property to ensure that the aspirating smoke detection and fire alarm systems were operating efficiently, thus providing the owner of the property confidence that the complete system had been installed in the prescribed manner and was operating within the performance guidelines set in the design and regulations.

At Eurofyre we supply a wide range of fire detection systems and associated safety products including aspirating smoke detectors, 2-wire systems and conventional fire panels. For more information on the components used for this installation please read our ProFyre Addressable Leaflet and the EF-FT15 Brochure.

If you need any help or further information on any Eurofyre products please do not hesitate to get in touch either by email to [email protected], by telephone on 01329 835 024 or through our online enquiry form.