Eurofyre at Intersec 2016


Intersec is the world’s leading trade fair for security, safety and fire protection. Held at Dubai’s International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Intersec plays host to major brand manufacturers, international newcomers and many other businesses in the commercial security, fire and rescue and  information security industries to name but a few.

We were among 1,233 other exhibitors at Intersec earlier this year where we were joined by over over 27,000 visitors from 118 countries. This was the largest Intersec to date.

We will be returning to Intersec when it opens its doors again in January 2016, we hope to see you there!

Dates and Venue

Sunday 17th-Tuesday 19th January 2016

10am-6pm Daily

Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre

Eurofyre at Intersec

We plan to take a number of our products along with us to exhibit at Intersec 2016, including:

Wi-Fyre Wireless Fire Alarm Detection

We will be exhibiting our very own wireless fire detection system Wi-Fyre. Wi-Fyre makes wireless fire detection more flexible than ever before. With its unique ability to be integrated seamlessly with any existing hard-wired fire alarm system, Wi-Fyre provides a cost effective, reliable and flexible detection solution.

Wi-Fyre Key Features

  • Compatible with existing conventional and addressable fire alarm systems.
  • Can be used as a standalone system for residential applications.
  • Fully addressable with the ProFyre A4 and A2 analogue addressable panels and ProFyre T8 2-wire system.
  • Allows existing systems to be easily extended without damage to decoration and building fabrics.
  • Easy to install, commission and operate.
  • Up to 30 field devices per radio interface.
  • Complete range of devices available.
  • Up to 3 year battery life.

Firetracer 15 Aspirating Smoke Detection

We’ll also be taking along our Firetracer 15 aspirating smoke detector (EF-FT15). The EF-FT15 is a unique, 15-pipe, high-sensitivity air-sampling smoke detection system. Easy to install 6mm outer diameter microbore flexible tubing is used to carry smoke to the detector which is capable of sampling from up to 15 individual identifiable areas or cabinets. This enables fast and efficient installation and is particularly suited to difficult to access, aesthetic or architecturally restricted locations.

Firetracer 15 Key Features

  • EN54-20 approved.
  • Unobtrusive pipe network.
  • Easy to install.
  • Minimal disruption to building fabric and appearance.
  • Up to 15 individual, identifiable pipes/areas per detector.
  • Provides early warning detection.
  • Wide sensitivity range.
  • 4 programmable alarm thresholds per pipe/channel.
  • Individually fault-monitored sampling pipes.
  • Easy to maintain.

FyreLine Linear Heat Detection

The final product that we will be taking to Intersec with us is our FyreLine linear heat detection system. Available in both analogue and digital versions, FyreLine provides accurate, reliable and fast heat detection.

FyreLine Digital
FyreLine Digital triggers a response when its pre-defined temperature is reached. Once the cable meets its activation temperature, the inner sheath melts causing two internal wires to short, sending an alarm signal to the control panel. Once an alarm has been triggered the affected length of cable can simply be replaced.

FyreLine Analogue
FyreLine Analogue is also designed to trigger an alarm once a specific temperature is reached. However, FyreLine Analogue also has the capability to provide an early warning pre-alarm, allowing the user time to investigate the pending risk. Once a fire has been detected and dealt with, depending on the severity of the incident, the analogue system can be simply reset with minimum disruption.

Every inch of FyreLine cable acts as the sensor, providing extensive and comprehensive detection.

Come and Say Hello!

Eurofyre will be at stand 4-F24 for the duration of Intersec so please com and say hello. Travel, accommodation and location information along with  more details about Intersec 2016 can be found via the Intersec website.