ASD for a Large Warehouse in Ireland


We recently supplied a high sensitivity aspirating smoke detection system to our customer, RES Fire Ltd, who then carried out the design, supply and commissioning of the system for nearby warehouse. RES Fire Ltd are a specialist fire alarm company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Contact RES Fire Ltd.

About the Property

The property is a warehouse roughly 70 by 50 meters in size situated near the Northern Ireland border in Dundalk, Ireland and is used to house the manufacture of draught and weather seals. The company who own the warehouse recently increased their warehouse space and therefore needed a new fire alarm system to protect their property.

Why Aspirating Smoke Detection

Warehouses are no match for traditional smoke detection systems. Height and unpredictable airflow combined with the typical layout of traditional detectors make it hard for these systems to perform. Passive detection systems such as point (spot) detectors are prone to contamination and blockage without notice in harsh environments while beam detectors offer inadequate sensitivity and can only detect quite large fires. Beam detectors also have maintenance and reliability issues caused by beam interruption by forklifts, subtle building movement due to temperature and weather change and contamination of the exposed optics.

To tackle these issues an aspirating smoke detection system was advised. The air from the warehouse area is drawn to the centrally placed ASD through a simple network of pipes. The pipes can be placed on the ceiling, along beams or along racking and the ASD reports the presence of fire risks to a fire alarm panel or a building management system.

The Equipment Chosen

Three EF-FT1 High Sensitive Aspirating Smoke Detectors along with our 4A External Power Supply Units were supplied to cover over 700m of pipework throughout the warehouse area.

The EF-FT1 Aspirating Smoke Detector solves all the typical challenges in warehouses and logistics areas:

  • Sampling the open area with a highly sensitive detector allows detection of diluted smoke from small fires, enabling early investigation and response.
  • The EF-FT1 actively and constantly monitors the health of the systems including the airflow in the pipe network, pro-actively alerting the need for any maintenance.
  • An extremely wide programmable sensitivity range enables the system to indicate very high levels of smoke for initiation of pre-action and clean-agent suppression.
  • Multiple levels of alarm enable a staged response to any size of risk, reducing the cost of nuisance alarms.
  • Clever design ensures the detector optics remain free from contamination to provide a long calibration-free service life and absolute clarity of detection performance.

We supply a wide range of detection systems and associated safety products including aspirating smoke detectors, 2-wire fire alarm systems and conventional fire panels. For more information on any of the equipment used for this installation please do not hesitate to get in touch either by email to [email protected], by telephone on 01329 835 024 or through our online enquiry form.