Domestic Smoke, Heat & CO Alarms – West Sussex House Fire


Last month, not only did one devastating house fire occur in a home in Gorleston, but another was reported in West Sussex. These recent reports of such severe domestic fires only emphasise the importance of reliable fire detection in the home.

West Sussex House Fire, January 2018

On the 26th January 2018, a fire broke out at a two-storey home in West Sussex during the early hours of the morning. The family were present during the outbreak of the fire. However, they, fortunately, managed to evacuate safely.

Two appliances were sent to tackle the blaze and six minutes after being called, firefighters described the building as being engulfed in flames. The fire was well-developed, and both floors were filled with smoke.

After investigation, the fire was believed to have started as a result of a faulty electrical consumer unit located under the stairs. There were no reports of a reliable fire detection system. Following the fire, local residents were advised by the fire department to ensure their properties had efficient systems in place. This case proves how important efficient fire detection systems in the home are.

The Importance of Smoke Detection in Residential Properties

All residential properties must have a reliable fire detection system in place to ensure damage is minimal and all residents are able to leave the building safely. It’s important all fire detection systems are installed and maintained correctly, in order to ensure the safety of family and other residents or visitors. Eurofyre offers a cost-effective and reliable solution for keeping residential properties safe from fire.

Honeywell X-Series Alarms


The Honeywell X-Series range of smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms offers a full residential fire safety system. X-Series alarms are designed to suit the needs of anyone from safety-conscious homeowners to professional landlords.

The X-Series range includes:

Smoke and Heat Alarm

Smoke and Heat Alarms

The Honeywell X-Series Smoke and Heat alarms all have a ten-year warranty and lifespan and have a sleek, discreet and modern appearance. All of the X-Series alarms are easy to install and are available in three types:

  • XS100T Optical Thermal Smoke Alarm – ideal for bedrooms, living areas and escape routes.
  • XH100 Heat Alarm – ideal for use in garages and kitchens.
  • XS100 Smoke Alarm – ideal for use in living areas and bedrooms.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms

CO Alarms

X-Series CO alarms offer a seven to ten-year warranty and lifespan. They all provide alarm and pre-alarm warnings as well as fault and power indicators. Just like the X-Series Smoke and Heat alarms, Honeywell CO alarms are available three versions:

  • XC100D CO alarm – offers a multifunction CO level and display and has a ten-year lifespan and warranty.
  • XC100 CO alarm – offers a unique prominent alarm message and has a ten-year lifespan and warranty.
  • XC70 CO alarm – an entry level CO alarm with a seven-year lifespan and warranty.

Wireless Module

Wireless Module

Lastly, the X-Series Wireless module allows all other X-Series devices to interconnect wirelessly, providing an advanced warning and increased protection. The X-Series Wireless module is easy to install and also holds a ten-year lifespan and warranty.

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