Domestic Smoke, Heat & CO Alarms – Gorleston House Fire


Your home is a place of tranquillity, relaxation and family time; it is where all of your sentimental items are kept and where your pets and family live together. Fire safety is, therefore, essential in the home. However, it is something many homeowners and landlords push to the side and never come back to.

Gorleston House Fire, January 2018

On the 28th January 2018, a fire broke out in a home located in Gorleston, England at around 11:30 am. Fortunately, no residents were in the home, and quick-thinking neighbours rescued the two family dogs once they saw smoke rise from the property.

Once firefighters arrived at the scene, it became evident that the blaze ripped through the house quickly. Local residents were told to close their windows and doors while alerts were put out on social media platforms informing people to avoid the area due to thick clouds of smoke.

The blaze was not easy to tackle and firefighters struggled to extinguish the flames. In fact, two firefighters were lifted above the house on a aerial platform ladder in an attempt to control the flames. This appeared to be a successful strategy and the blaze began to minimise.

The cause of the fire is still unknown, and the family have not been able to enter the premise since.

The Importance of Smoke Detection in Residential Properties

It goes without saying that domestic smoke and heat detection must be present in every home to provide ample time to act or evacuate. Eurofyre offer a cost-effective and reliable solution to protect your property from fire.

Honeywell X-Series Alarms

HoneywellThe Honeywell X-Series range of smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms offers a complete residential fire safety system. Each battery-powered device has a lifespan of up to ten years and offers reliable, maintenance-free protection.

X-Series alarms are designed to suit the needs of anyone from safety-conscious homeowner to professional landlords and can be wirelessly interconnected via Honeywell’s wireless plug-in module for maximum protection.

The X-Series range includes:

Smoke and Heat Alarms

Honeywell Smoke and Heat Alarms

The Honeywell X-Series Smoke and Heat alarms all have a ten-year lifespan and warranty and have a discreet, sleek and modern appearance. All of the X-Series alarms are easy to install and are available in three types:

  • XS100 Smoke Alarm – ideal for use in living areas and bedrooms.
  • XH100 Heat Alarm – ideal for use in garages and kitchens.
  • XS100T Optical Thermal Smoke Alarm – ideal for bedrooms, living areas and escape routes.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms

Honeywell CO alarms

X-Series CO alarms offer a seven to ten-year lifespan and warranty. They all provide alarm and pre-alarm warnings as well as power and fault indicators. Just like the X-Series Smoke and Heat alarms, Honeywell CO alarms are available three versions:

  • XC70 CO alarm – an entry level CO alarm with a seven-year lifespan and warranty.
  • XC100 CO alarm – offers a unique prominent alarm message and has a ten-year lifespan and warranty.
  • XC100D CO alarm – offers a multifunction CO level and display and has a ten-year lifespan and warranty.

Wireless Module

Wireless Module

Finally, the X-Series Wireless module allows all other X-Series devices to interconnect wirelessly, providing an advanced warning and increased protection. The X-Series Wireless module is easy to install and also holds a ten-year lifespan and warranty.

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