Detector Requirements For Commercial Buildings


Commercial buildings can be buildings used for commercial or public use such as warehouses, office buildings, clinics, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants. With most commercial buildings granting access to the public, they are required by law to have adequate fire alarm safety mechanisms in place to alert and notify occupants that a fire has broken out.

Smoke alarms are a necessity in commercial properties, and along with them come a range of detection requirements.

Commercial properties can vary greatly and, therefore, carry a variety of different fire safety requirements. Ultimately, fire detectors and call points need to be positioned so that if a fire starts anywhere in the property, it can be detected quickly.

In larger buildings, fire alarm systems require more planning and careful integration. Fully functional smoke or heat detectors must be placed in every room, each hallway and on every storey of the property, and must all connect via a fire alarm control panel. In many cases, devices must be addressable, so that if a fire is to break out, it can be easily located.

Meeting Regulations

Quite often, fire alarms need to be expanded in order to meet specific requirements outlined by fire safety regulations. However, this can be costly and cause a great amount of disruption to the building’s operation. Adding devices often means more cabling, which can mean damage to walls ceilings and floors.

Enter Wi-Fyre

Until recently it has not been possible to integrate wireless detection with existing hard-wired systems. Wi-Fyre provides the possibility to pair wireless technology with hardwired systems, which is ideal for systems that do not meet current fire regulations and need to extend their fire alarm systems to comply.

Wi-Fyre offers a range of field devices, that can be connected to a new or existing fire alarm control panel via a Wi-Fyre transponder.

Wi-Fyre Optical Smoke Detector

The Wi-Fyre Wireless Optical Detector is made up of a ProFyre optical smoke detector head and is combined with a Wi-Fyre wireless base. The Wi-Fyre Optical Smoke Detector uses a pulsing photodiode and IR LED to detect IR scatter caused once smoke enters the chamber, there the detector will raise its alarm.

Check out the Wi-Fyre Optical Smoke Detector

Wi-Fyre Wireless Heat Detector

Wi-Fyre wireless heat detectors include a ProFyre rate-of-rise (ROR) heat detector head, using a thermistor arrangement to sense a quick rise in temperature and final threshold temperature, combined with a Wi-Fyre Wireless base.

Wireless Sounder

The Wi-Fyre Wireless Sounder has been designed to be placed on either the walls or ceilings within the building and is available in either white or red finishes to best suit your environment. Along with this, Wi-Fyre Wireless Sounders have eight user selectable tones to choose from, as well as volume control to help you choose the most obvious alarm to inform everyone that they need to leave the building.

Wi-Fyre’s Wireless Sounder

Wi-Fyre Manual Call Points

The Wi-Fyre Wireless Manual Call Point provides those within a commercial property the perfect opportunity to raise an alarm in the event of a fire. Wi-Fyre Wireless Manual Call Points have a unique operating element that impersonates the feel of breaking glass and can be fully resettable using a special test/reset key mechanism.

Manual Call Points

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