Creams Cafe, East London


FireStop Fire & Security, one of Eurofyre’s loyal customers and technical partners, recently installed a complete ProFyre fire alarm system in a new italian dessert and gelato store in east London, Creams Cafe.

Creams Cafe serve sweet treats such as ice cream, crepes, waffles, and milkshakes. As such, they are open to the public and see hundreds of customers flock in each day. The store covers a single floor of the building and has multiple areas including the customer dining area, office space and store rooms. Many of these areas contain appliances such as fridges, freezers and blenders, as well as coffee machines and microwaves, all of which are in constant use.

Given the nature of the business, and the fact that it is open to the public for over 12 hours per day, it is of the utmost importance that a suitable and reliable fire detection system is in place. Not only does the store have a duty to protect its visitors, but damage to the property or its contents, or operational downtime caused by fire, could be devastating to the business.

The Requirements

When designing a fire alarm for a store such as this one, there are a number of things to consider. There are several areas that each present their own unique risks of fire, both front and back of house.

As this is a new store, that is open to the public, a complete fire detection package was required to not only protect the areas of the premises, but also to meet the legal requirements outlined in BS 5839-1:2013 Fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings – Part 1: Code of practice for design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of systems in non-domestic premises, and the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (RRFSO) 2005.

The Installer

FireStop Fire & Security is a nationwide installer and maintainer of fire alarm and security systems. FireStop prides itself on working closely with its clients to deliver a high level of service that is both proactive and cost-effective.

In order to provide a suitable fire detection solution, FireStop chose to use Eurofyre’s leading range of single loop fire detection, ProFyre.

Why Eurofyre?

ProFyre provides a cost-effective and reliable fire detection solution, that is not only easy to install, maintain and commission, but also allows for flexibility and easy alteration should it be needed in the future.

Eurofyre believe that every client should have the flexibility to chose their own installer or maintainer, whilst still receiving the utmost level of support. Therefore, the ProFyre range of fire detection equipment provides an ‘open’ protocol solution, giving the owner complete control of how the system is managed.

The Components Used

Fire Alarm Control Panel

Profyre A2

At the heart of Creams Cafe’s fire alarm system is the ProFyre A2. This stylish and practical fire alarm control panel can accommodate 1 or 2 loops with up to 126 devices per loop. This makes it the ideal situation for smaller applications such as this small gelato parlour.

The ProFyre A2 is plug and play and, therefore, does not require any special tools or computers for commissioning. It offers full fault monitoring and alarm verification to help reduce unwanted alarms. ProFyre A2 fire alarm panels are fully approved for safe use in any European Union country by Intertek and bear the CE mark to show that they comply with all applicable directives.

One ProFyre A2 was installed in the front of house area to allow the fire and rescue services to see where the fire is before entering the building.


ProFyre devices have all been designed to complement the A2 fire alarm panel. They are all loop powered and housed in stylish and durable enclosures.

All ProFyre devices are fully approved by LPCB for safe use and installation in any European Union country and bear the CE mark to show that they comply with all the applicable directives.

Therefore, the following ProFyre devices were installed throughout the store in order to offer a complete and reliable fire detection solution:

ProFyre Smoke Detectors:

ProFyre Optical Smoke Detector

ProFyre Optical Smoke Detectors use a pulsing IR LED and photodiode to detect IR scatter caused by smoke entering the detection chamber. These detectors are best suited to areas where smoke may be dense, such as that form soft furnishings, PVC, plastic, foam and similar materials.

ProFyre Heat Detectors:

ProFyre Heat Detector

Available in two versions, rate of rise and fixed heat, ProFyre Heat Detectors are best suited for use in areas such as kitchens, where smoke may be present. Both ProFyre heat detectors are configured to trigger an alarm at a temperature of 57├óÔÇ×ãÆ, however, the ProFyre rate-of-rise heat detector is also able to sense a quick rise in temperature.

Sounders and Flashers:

ProFyre Sounder

ProFyre Sandwich Sounders were fitted between the detectors and their bases to provide an audio and visual warning of fire. ProFyre Sandwich Sounders can provide a range of tones with a maximum output of 100dB(A) (±2dB).

ProFyre Xtratone Sounders were also used throughout Cream Cafe’s premises. Xtratone sounders are low-current and provide a range of different tones. Xtratone sounders are also available in a combined Sounder/LED indicator version, to also provide a visual warning of fire.

Manual Call Points:

ProFyre Manual Call Point

ProFyre Manual Call Points mimic the feel of broken glass, while providing a fully resettable operating element. This makes them ideal for use in areas where glass cannot be used such as kitchens and food preparation areas. ProFyre manual call points are sleek in design and offer an extremely high quality look and feel.

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