Automatic Maintenance for Aspirating Smoke Detection


Aspirating smoke detection is generally considered to be a low maintenance system in applications where there is minimal dust and dirt pollution such as an office, but what about applications such as, steel work factories, livestock facilities and mines?

What to consider if the ASD system is not maintained correctly?

  • False alarms
  • Flow faults
  • Damage to the air sampling detector

To help reduce contamination and possible false alarms on air sampling detectors, harsh environment filters can be installed in series with the pipework, but this does not stop flow faults caused by blockages in the entire pipe network. ASD’s are intelligent units that monitor the air flow rate and if a difference is detected, it will report a fault. Once reported, the fault can be dealt with by cleaning the pipes with either a vacuum or a compressor.

As a major supplier and technical centre for aspirating smoke detection systems and pipework, Eurofyre now supply The Blazer, an innovative new test product which provides an automatic aspirating maintenance system which is highly effective in ensuring that the network of pipes are kept clean and free of contamination and blockage.

The advantages of an automatic aspirating maintenance system:

  • Reduces filter replacement
  • Reduces the wear and tear of the ASD
  • Stops the transport and lifting of vacuums and compressors
  • Reduces call outs caused by flow faults
  • Lowers the overall cost to maintain

The system is installed above the detector in the piping network and briefly blows pressurised air into the pipe in order to remove any accumulated dirt. The pulsating effect of the air that is pushed through ensures that even persistent dirt is stripped from the inside of the piping network and removed. Fine dust such as from cocoa, straw, animal foodstuffs or numerous other continuous processes involving the release of high levels of dust will be removed.

The Blazer can be used with ICAM, VESDA and Xtralis ASD units.

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