Apollo Compatible – ProFyre C8 Conventional Fire Alarm Panel


Eurofyre’s ProFyre C8 conventional fire alarm control panel has recently received approval from Apollo to show that it is compatible with their range of devices, specifically for use with Orbis and Series 65 devices, in accordance with Apollo compatibility test schedule TSP03.

Approved by Apollo – Panel Partners

Approved by Apollo

Eurofyre’s approved partner status with Apollo means that our Profyre C8 fire alarm panel has been tested by Apollo for compatibility with their products.

Apollo’s Panel Partner programme allows the specifier to combine components that are manufactured by different suppliers. For example, the control panel is supplied by an independent manufacturer (in this case, Eurofyre), whilst interfaces and detectors are supplied by Apollo. This allows for the fire alarm system that effectively meets the needs of the project, specifiers may also choose interfaces and sounders manufactured and designed by other, approved independent suppliers.

A number of manufacturers of sounders, ancillary, interfaces and sometimes control panels, are unable to claim compatibility with Apollo interfaces and detectors. Therefore, in some cases, If those manufacturers aren’t able to produce an Apollo certificate, there is a chance that their products may not work effectively with those from Apollo and systems built from potentially incompatible elements may offer reduced performance.


ProFyre C8

The ProFyre C8 is perfect for small/medium installations – it’s easy to install, maintain and operate. Key features include:

  • Apollo PartnersSounder Delay: allowing a delay between detection and sounders being triggered.
  • Head Removal Monitoring: to detect unauthorised removal of detector heads.
  • Disablement Function: allowing areas at risk of false alarm to be excluded during periods of risk.
  • Fault Monitoring: providing a visual and audible warning of fault.
  • The One Man Test: helping commissioning and assisting in routine maintenance.

These features all lower the risk of false alarm and provide ease of maintenance, making the ProFyre C8 conventional fire alarm control panel highly cost effective.

Apollo Detectors

Eurofyre’s partnership with Apollo also means that we are able to supply a collection of fire alarm system devices from Apollo’s range:

Apollo Orbis Detectors

This high-quality range of conventional devices from Apollo is constructed with advanced technology that was previously only accessible in intelligent devices. Orbis detectors integrate a mounting base – which saves precious installation time.

Apollo Orbis Detectors offer a range of key features such as 360° visibility, wide operating temperature ranges, a flashing LED option and is insect resistant.

Apollo Series 65 Detectors

The sophisticated Apollo Series 65 range of traditional call points and detectors incorporates well-established sensing technologies with advances in electronics and materials. Apollo Series 65 detectors are able to integrate into security systems, when used with a relay base, as a result of Apollo’s broad operating voltage of 9V DC to 33V DC.

The Apollo Series 65 range offers a number of key features such as an open operating voltage, advanced electronic technology and has variety of bases available. The Series 65 range is also electrically compatible with the Series 60 range.

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