Merry Christmas from Eurofyre – 2023


With inflation at an all time high, rising interest rates and potential recessions, 2023 has been a year of economic uncertainty. Serious conflicts in countries around the world have claimed countless lives and caused immeasurable damage, and action against global warming continues as the Summer of 2023 was declared Earth’s hottest summer since records began in 1880. 

Technology was definitely at the forefront of news throughout 2023 with Generative AI taking the world by storm. With it comes concern of human jobs becoming obsolete, but on the other hand, promises of enhanced efficiency and productivity, data synthesis and adaptive learning are appealing to businesses all over the world – Eurofyre are certainly looking forward to the benefits artificial intelligence can bring to the fire detection industry. 

As the year draws to a close, we have taken the opportunity to reflect on the past year and take a look at what 2024 holds for Eurofyre.  

Seasonal Opening Hours

This year Eurofyre will close on Wednesday 20th December and will reopen on Tuesday 2nd January 2024 at 8:15am.

ClosedThursday 21st December
ReopenTuesday 2nd January 2024

Order Deadlines

Pricing Guarantee

In order to qualify for the 2023 pricing, orders must be placed no later than Wednesday 20th December 2023.


To ensure orders are dispatched prior to the holiday period, purchase orders must be placed and acknowledged no later than 2pm on Wednesday 20th December. Orders will be dispatched depending on stock availability.

Orders placed after 2pm on Wednesday 20th December will be processed using the 2024 pricing structure in the new year.

2023 Recap

2023 has been another good year for Eurofyre and we are grateful to our clients and partners for their continued support. This year, we have set new sales records, expanded our product range, and established new global partnerships. Our dedication to life safety systems has garnered trust and recognition worldwide, and has further instilled our position as a leader in the industry. Our commitment to innovation and excellence continues to drive us to grow further. 

Some of Eurofyre’s 2023 highlights include:

Xenos Wireless Fire Alarm System Success

Wi-Fyre Xenos fire alarm systems are being adopted as the system of choice for fire alarm detection systems around the world. This unique and powerful system removes the need for complex cable runs and all of the challenges that come with them. It can be programmed off-site enabling installation in even the largest property in just a matter of days. In particular, Wi-Fyre Xenos was chosen to expand an existing, hardwired fire alarm system to increase the safety of occupants at Valencia Gardens, a luxury apartment complex in Bulgaria.

FyreLine Linear Heat Detection Suitability for Solar Panel & Car Park Installations

FyreLine Linear Heat Detection continues to dominate the linear heat detection market with its suitability for a wide variety of applications. Its suitability for applications such as solar arrays and car parks make it a valuable solution for areas that are notoriously difficult to protect from fire.

Fires involving solar panels have featured heavily in the news this year with incidents increasing across the country. An increased uptake in residential solar, led by energy cost increases, has seen fires of this nature 6 times more likely than they were just a few years ago. FyreLine Linear Heat Detection, installed around solar panels, can help to mitigate this risk by providing fast and reliable detection of potential fires. 

Several, large scale car park fires have also been reported this year, including one recently that caused catastrophic damage to Luton Airport’s Terminal Car Park 2. Fire detection can be difficult in car parks, due to varying factors such as ceiling voids, airflow and fumes from vehicles. However, FyreLine is not affected by airflow or contaminants in the air and can provide fast and reliable detection for this type of application.

Honeywell Fire Platinum Partner

Eurofyre is recognised as a key distributor for Honeywell as a Honeywell Fire Platinum Partner. This means we can offer regional or industry-specific solution expertise that includes implementation and advanced customer support service models for Honeywell products along with the most competitive pricing.

We offer a variety of Honeywell products, including: VESDA-E VEP, one of the quickest and most reliable detection types on the market today; Li-ion Tamer, an advanced safety solution designed to mitigate risks associated with lithium-ion battery energy storage systems; and Morely Max, a range of addressable fire alarm panels that provide a cost-effective fire detection solution suited to a wide range of applications.  

The Fire Safety Event

The Fire Safety Event, hosted at the NEC in Birmingham, supports industry practitioners, professionals and organisations in achieving and maintaining the very highest standards of fire safety management.

This year, Eurofyre attended the event to demonstrate some of its key products, including Wi-Fyre Xenos Wireless Fire Detection, FyreLine EN54 Fixed Linear Heat Detection, Crisis Emergency Voice Communication and FAAST FLEX Aspirating Smoke Detection.

What to Expect from Eurofyre in 2024

Eurofyre are working on a variety of exciting new projects for 2024, some of which we will release more information about throughout the year. In the meantime, here a few things you can expect to see: 

Crisis Assist

In  the upcoming year, our Crisis Emergency Voice Communication range, featuring products associated with disabled refuge, fire telephone and disabled toilet alarms, will undergo expansion with the introduction of Crisis Assist.

The Crisis Assist Disabled Toilet Alarm System will be available in a standalone form, or can be seamlessly integrated into our favoured Crisis Standalone or Network EVC systems.

Eurofyre Introduces Thermography Detection

The VIS-IR Thermography Detection Camera is a bi-spectral (IR & visual) smart edge device that has been specifically designed for early warning heat-detection. The camera can communicate directly with the fire alarm control panel to provide pre-alarm, alarm and fault conditions. 

VIS-IR Thermography Detection Cameras are particularly useful for applications where traditional smoke or fire detectors are unable to cope with high smoke and dust conditions such as waste recycling, tunnels, machine and process supervision, and power stations.

CLSS  (Connected Life Safety Services)

CLSS is an innovative, all-in-one cloud platform that enables systems integrators and facilities managers to deliver an enhanced fire safety service, while maximising the performance efficiencies offered by Honeywell’s trusted detection and alarm systems.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support. We look forward to another exciting year in the fire protection industry and are excited to see what 2024 will bring. Until then…

We wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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