Key Features

  • 7” full colour touchscreen display
  • Loop power 750 mA
  • Native networking and communication ports up to 128 loops
  • Configuration and firmware updates via USB
  • 1600 cause & effect groups leveraged by powerful boolean logic


The Honeywell Morley-IAS Max range of addressable fire alarm panels provide a cost-effective fire detection solution that is suited to a wide range of applications. 

Originally designed for operation in industrial environments, Morley-IAS Max fire alarm panels are highly resilient to external factors such as electrical disturbances and other causes of false alarm.

Morley Max addressable fire alarm panels provide a cost-effective solution that is easy to install, commission and operate.

Control Panel Variants

Loop: 1 Loop @ 750mA

Networking: No

Loop: 1-2 Loops @ 750mA Each

Networking: 64 Panels / 128 Loops Maximum

Loop: 4-8 Loops @ 750mA Each

Networking: 64 Panels / 128 Loops Maximum

Flush Mounting

Morley-IAS Max fire alarm control panels can be flush mounted into a wall recess using an optional mounting kit. 

User-Friendly Display

Morley-IAS Max fire alarm control panels provide a 7” touchscreen display that provides full configuration without the need of a PC.

Background colours and virtual zonal indicators provide increased and instant situational awareness, aiding fast action for any event type.

4 background colours provide instant status of system health: healthy, fault, pre-alarm and fire.

The zonal display at the bottom of the screen delivers instant zone indication status with simple colour coding to provide real time zone status on visual inspection:

Light Blue = Available zone, no devices have been assigned to this zone

Green = Devices are assigned to this zone, all are in a healthy condition

Red = Fire reported by devices assign to this zone

Grey = Zone is disabled

Dark Blue = Zone is in test mode


Scalable Power Capacity

Morley-IAS Max fire alarm control panel’s 750 mA loop power capacity enables a greater amount of VADs per loop. The panel can program up to 99 input devices and 99 output devices per loop, 2000 soft zones and 1600 groups in network configuration with 64 panels or 128 total loops.

The panel can also be expanded from 4 to 8 loops thanks to its uniquely spacious panel.

Open Protocol

Morley-IAS operates on an unlocked, open protocol. This means that any third party can maintain the system, allowing full control over your fire alarm system. 

Simplified Maintenance

Morley-IAS Max provides out of the box operation. Built-in network and serial communication ports means that no time-consuming or complicated assembly is required.  

The panel’s intuitive features mean the fire alarm status can be instantly observed through visual inspection of the alarm.

  • Simplified user interface for reduced “data blindness”
  • Shared network data and panel connectivity
  • Network-wide view and control from any panel
  • USB drive configuration upload & downloads

CAN Bus Network

Controller Area Network (CAN) bus is a message-based network technology designed to allow electronic devices to communicate with each other over a fast, robust and secure network.

Morley Max Addressable Fire Alarm Panel uses intelligent algorithms, combined with simple boolean logic, shared across the CAN bus network to solve issues including time-consuming programming of individual panels and troubleshooting – which are common with fire alarm system installation and operations.

Using CAN bus technology, the entire fire detection system benefits from faster communication speeds, reliability, reduced installation time and easy maintenance  – reducing the overall cost of installation and ownership.

Using the CAN bus network, Morley Max provides:

Secure Communication
A secure and robust communication protocol that is self sustaining.
Time Savings
Commissioning a network is quick and easy.
A reliable logic and error detecting protocol.
Easy message sharing between panels.
Fast Networking
Fast transmission speeds over the CAN bus network.
Cost-Effective Networking
No additional devices are required to control network traffic.

Robust Network

In the unlikely event a panel has stopped working, the panel’s history (which can store up to 10,000 historical events) can be viewed or exported from any panel in the network. This means a panel can be replaced without disrupting the entire network. Replacement panels can be added without prior programming and the network will automatically upload the correct configuration. 



Morely-IAS Max panels are marked with CE 0370 label to comply with the Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC including EMC Directive 2014/30/EU and LVD Directive 2014/35/EU and certified as EN 54-2 and EN 54-4. 

They are also marked with the UKCA 0359 label to comply with the UKCA guidelines for the UK market.

Tech Specs

MA-2000 MA-8000
Main display 7” touch screen
Physical key 5
Virtual zone LED 40
Sounder output 1 (monitored 1 A, balanced with resistor or diode)
Output 1 fault (NO/NC)3 output alarm-Usr1-Usr2
configurable (NO/NC or monitored 1 A, balanced with resistor or diode)
User 24 VDC output 1 max 1 Amp
Loop power 750 mA
Serial port 1 RS485 isolated repeater1 RS232/485 isolated TPP1 RS232/RS485 isolated (Printer or TPP)
Power supply 24V-150W 24V-200W
Panel networking CAN-BUS, max 64 panels, max 128 loops
Colour (Plastic, Metal) RAL 9002
Wall mount Yes
Flush mount Yes
Rack mounting Yes
Dimensions (H x W x Dmm) 265 x 483 x 217.5(H= 6 rack units) 398 x 483 x 217.5(H= 9 rack units)
Cables hole on top 11 21
Cable grounding Bar Bar
Operating temperature -5 ° C to +40 ° C
Storage temperature -10 ° C to +50 ° C
Humidity 5% – 95% non-condensing
IP 30



Eurofyre is an authorised distributor of Honeywell and we support the entire Morley IAS and System Sensor range of products. We offer expert advice and supply all aspects of fire detection systems including excellent before and after-sale support.

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