Key Features

  • Direct access and monitoring of an entire VESDAnet system
  • Designed for small or large networks
  • VHX-0210 includes modem support for remote notification & interrogation
  • Seamless data transfer from VESDAnet to a PC
  • Easily configured using Xtralis configuring and monitoring software packages


By interfacing with PC monitoring and configuring tools such as Xtralis VSM4 and Xtralis VSC, the Sliding Windows High-Level Interface allows you to easily configure, manage and monitor your entire VESDA network.

The VESDA HLI links VESDAnet* with PC software monitoring and configuring tools such as Xtralis VSM4 and Xtralis VSC. To configure and monitor devices on VESDAnet, your HLI must be connected to a VESDAnet socket card.

VESDA high-level interfaces are easily configured using Xtralis VSC or Xtralis VSM4 software packages and provide seamless data transfer from your VESDAnet to your PC. Each VESDA HLI is designed to work with networks of up to 200 devices.

VESDA HLIs are recommended for monitoring only and are not approved for use as a primary reporting device.

*VESDAnet is a proprietary communications protocol allowing your VESDA range of smoke detectors, displays, programmers and remote units (collectively known as devices) to communicate with each other on the one network. VESDAnet is a fault-tolerant bi-directional protocol. This means that if one direction of communication fails, then your VESDAnet messages are transmitted in the opposite direction.


The VESDA High Level Interface combined with the FTDI USB to Serial Adapter are compatible with the following detectors:

Tech Specs

Power Consumption1.68W (stable state i.e. no alarms and no fault conditions)
Supply Voltage24Vdc
Current Consumption70mA
Dimensions (W x H x D)192mm x 110mm x 40mm 
Weight0.4kg (0.9 lbs)
Supplied WithRS-232 9-way serial cable (male-female) for connection to a PC (identical to VSP-509).All internal product connectors for power & communications.



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