Wi-Fyre Xenos Total Cost of Ownership


Despite wireless detection being a well established and reliable type of fire detection, many still have concerns about its ability to deliver a permanent and dependable solution. 

These concerns are usually based around signal strength issues and battery life. In earlier wireless systems, these concerns were valid; technology was not advanced enough to deliver the perfect wireless fire detection system that could be used in place of its hardwired counterparts. 

Fast forward to present day and wireless technology has advanced to a place where these systems can deliver detection that is not only on par with wired systems in terms of reliability, but that can save costs and reduce installation time too.

Despite these advances, there are still concerns about the efficiency of wireless fire detection. These doubts usually arise when users experience poor signal strength, resulting in a decline in reliability and shorter battery life, which is often a result of poor planning and preparation.

While wireless surveys have been around for a while, modern wireless fire detection technology allows for advanced wireless surveys that can help to plan the fire detection system and ensure signal strength across all devices, thus eliminating any concerns around reliability. 

Wi-Fyre Xenos

Eurofyre has developed several wireless fire detection systems since it was established in 2007. Recognising the concerns around wireless fire detection technology, the team at Eurofyre has worked tirelessly to deliver a solution that is reliable and cost-effective with all the tools in place to plan, prepare and deliver an efficient and dependable solution.

Wi-Fyre Xenos is a powerful wireless fire detection solution that removes the requirement for cable networks, and all of the challenges associated with installing them, vastly reducing installation time.

The exact wireless infrastructure required for any Xenos installation to operate efficiently can be predetermined by conducting a Xenos wireless survey and programming can be done before the equipment even arrives on site. 


A wireless survey is integral in designing a reliable wireless fire detection solution. This survey ensures that the system will operate efficiently, speeds up installation time and allows the installer to specify exactly the equipment that is required.

A Wi-Fyre Xenos survey kit is available from Eurofyre to make carrying out a site survey quick and easy. The kit provides all the equipment that is needed to test channels and frequency bands that will be used. The option to hire a complete survey kit (UK only) makes the process even more cost-effective.

Alternatively, a Eurofyre engineer can attend the property to carry out the wireless survey on your behalf. Upon completion, a complete report will be sent out that details the signal strengths, background noise, preferred frequency channels and packet loss.


Wireless fire detection equipment uses more technology than its hardwired counterparts. It is harder to produce, undergoes a stricter testing regime and has to comply with more standards (all of which require certification). On top of this, each device requires at least one battery. All this adds to the cost of wireless detection devices, making them, in some cases, considerably more expensive than hardwired fire detection systems. 

However, wireless fire detection creates huge cost-savings in other areas, reducing the total cost of ownership, and making it much more cost-effective over the life of the system.


A Wi-Fyre Xenos fire detection system requires minimal cabling, not only saving the cost of the cable, but reducing installation time, minimising disruption to the property, and reducing labour costs too. This vastly reduces the impact on the day-to-day operation of the building and minimises loss of revenue caused by business interruptions.

Wi-Fyre Xenos can be programmed, configured and tested away from the property. This reduces installation time further and allows for precise planning and guarantees equipment requirements and costs.

Programming is effortless using the Xenos Programming Software (XPS) that allows you to scan each product into the system via a QR code, create virtual floor plans and calculate the best possible signal routes. 


Wi-Fyre Xenos does not require any additional maintenance when compared to a hardwired system. As long as a regular maintenance schedule is followed, additional maintenance should be minimal.

Xenos delivers maximum performance with minimum environmental impact. Xenos’ battery management is among the best available, with a 10 year battery life for sensors, call points and inputs and up to 5 years for outputs, sounders and VADs.

Xenos uses standard CR123A lithium batteries, available off the shelf worldwide. 


Wi-Fyre Xenos can be easily expanded and upgraded. Should the fire detection solution need to be altered for interior changes, expanded to cover building extensions or new areas or any other scenarios in which the system needs to be altered, it can be done with minimal cabling – saving money on supply and labour and reducing the impact on the operation of the building.


Eurofyre’s team of fire detection specialists are experts in wireless fire detection. Eurofyre prides itself on its after-sales care and support. We provide technical support via telephone or email to partners who have installed or are maintaining a Xenos wireless fire alarm system at no additional cost.


Eurofyre offers free training to Xenos partners, ensuring competence in the industry and making sure wireless fire alarm systems are installed correctly. We offer training either remotely or at our sophisticated training facility where we offer demonstrations and expert training on a range of systems, including Wi-Fyre Xenos wireless detection systems.

System Life

Like most fire detection products, Wi-Fyre Xenos devices have a life expectancy of 10 years. At which point, they can easily be upgraded or replaced, without the need to replace cabling, and commissioned with ease using the XPS programming software.


All wireless devices are supplied with the benefit of a limited 5 year warranty relating to faulty materials or manufacturing defects, effective from the production date indicated on each product.