FyreLine EN54 Fixed Car Park Linear Heat Detection


There are an estimated 17,000–⁠20,000 car parks in the UK[1]. These car parks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and include simple outdoor parking areas, underground car parks or more complex multi storey arrangements.

Not only do some car parks present some unique fire risks, but installing suitable fire detection solutions can be also difficult. Traditional smoke detectors may not be as effective in detecting fires in spaces like car parks leaving them at risk. However, a heat detection solution, such as FyreLine EN54 Fixed Linear Heat Detection, can quickly identify fire hazards, allowing for prompt response and evacuation if necessary, thereby minimising property damage and ensuring the safety of occupants and vehicles in the car park.


Some fire risks unique to car parks include:

Vehicle Fires
Combustible materials in vehicles, such as fuel, oil and electrical systems, can ignite due to mechanical failures, overheating or short circuits, leading to vehicle fires.
Smoking Materials
Improperly discarded cigarettes or other smoking materials can ignite combustible materials such as litter or upholstery, especially in designated smoking areas or near flammable waste bins.
Electrical Faults
Malfunctioning or overloaded electrical systems, including lighting, power outlets and vehicle charging stations, can spark fires, particularly if wiring is exposed or damaged.
Combustible Storage
Storage of flammable materials such as gasoline, propane tanks or cleaning supplies in car park maintenance areas or storage rooms can pose a fire risk if not properly contained or secured.
Deliberate acts of arson, whether motivated by vandalism, theft or other reasons, can occur in car parks, especially if security measures are inadequate or access control is compromised.


There are also a number of unique challenges to overcome when designing a suitable fire detection solution for car parks:

Ventilation and Airflow
Car parks are typically open or semi-open spaces with significant airflow, which can disperse smoke and heat rapidly, making it challenging for traditional smoke detectors to effectively detect fires.
False Alarms
Car parks can experience high levels of dust, exhaust fumes and other particulate matter, which can trigger false alarms in conventional smoke detection systems. Designing a system that can differentiate between genuine fire events and environmental factors is essential to minimise false alarms and ensure the reliability of the system.
Coverage and Placement
Car parks often have irregular layouts, with columns, ramps and other structural features that can obstruct the coverage of fire detection devices. Designing a solution that provides comprehensive coverage while considering the placement of detectors to minimise blind spots and maximise effectiveness is a significant challenge.
Temperature Extremes
Car parks are subject to temperature extremes, ranging from cold winter conditions to hot summer temperatures. Fire detection devices must be able to operate reliably within this wide temperature range without false alarms or malfunctions, which requires careful selection of materials and components.
Maintenance and Accessibility
Car parks can be challenging environments for maintenance personnel to access, particularly in multi-level or underground facilities. Designing a solution that is easy to install, maintain and service, with minimal disruption to parking operations, is essential to ensure the long-term effectiveness of the fire detection system.

Fyreline EN54 Fixed

Linear heat detection uses heat sensing cable to detect changes in temperature. It is typically installed in the ceiling or along the walls of the car park. When a certain temperature threshold is exceeded due to a fire or overheating, the system triggers an alarm or activates suppression systems to mitigate the risk.

The FyreLine EN54 Fixed Linear Heat Detection system is a state-of-the-art linear heat detection solution designed to meet the stringent standards of the European fire safety industry. The FyreLine EN54 Fixed system offers advanced features and reliable performance for fire detection in various environments, including car parks.

FyreLine EN54 Fixed Linear Heat Detection provides continuous monitoring along extended lengths of heat sensing cable. It is built to withstand harsh environments or those that have high levels of dust and fumes, such as car parks. It is unaffected by high or unpredictable airflow and is easy-to-install and maintain. All of this makes it the ideal solution for protecting car parks from fire.


All products in the FyreLine EN54 Fixed range are approved for use within the European Economic Area (EEA) and comply with the EU’s New Approach Directives.

Please note: to comply with EN54-28, the FyreLine EN54 Fixed Controller, FyreLine FyreLine EN54 Fixed EOL and FyreLine EN54 Fixed LSZH LHD Cable must be used as a complete system.

FyreLine products are also approved by internationally recognised testing authorities, including the Underwriters Laboratories (UL). They are CE marked to show compliance with all the applicable directives, as well as UKCA marked to indicate conformity with the applicable requirements for sales in the United Kingdom.

Fyreline EN54 Fixed Design Considerations

FyreLine EN54 Fixed Controller Placement

The FyreLine EN54 Fixed Controller is a dual zone module that monitors up to two zones of FyreLine EN54 Fixed Linear Heat Detection (LHD) Cable. It continuously monitors the cable for overheating conditions to detect potential fire risks. When an event is triggered, the controller automatically calculates and displays the distance along the cable to the alarm point. Each zone of the FyreLine EN54 Fixed controller can operate either independently of each other, or in interlock mode.

FyreLine EN54 Fixed Controllers can be installed in a safe and secure location where they can be easily accessed for maintenance. 

FyreLine EN54 Fixed Linear Heat Detection Cable Placement

FyreLine EN54 Heat Sensing cable can be installed on ceilings and walls. Its flexible nature allows it to be installed around obstructions, joists and ceiling voids.

FyreLine Linear Heat Detection Mounting Clips

The Fyreline J-Clip is a stainless steel fixing that provides additional support for LHD cables. It has provision for a cable tie to ensure the cable is firmly secured to the clip. The J-Clip can be used to fix the cable at a suitable distance from the wall or ceiling. 

J-Clips are made from galvanised steel and include a silicon sleeve to protect the cable from abrasion, heat transfer from the clip and excessive pressure.

External Functional Alarm & Fault Testing

The FyreLine EN54 Fixed End of Line is used to terminate up to two zones of EN54 Fixed Linear Heat Detection cable. Its secure weatherproof enclosure has built in switches to simulate fault or alarm conditions for testing.

Typical Wiring Diagram

Up to two zones of heat sensing cable per controller can be used to protect the car park from fire. Heat sensing is run from the controller and is secured to the walls and ceilings to provide sufficient cover in every parking bay before terminating at the FyreLine EN54 Fixed End of Line.

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[1] British Parking Association