Key Features

  • Generates detailed reports
  • Scans signal strength 
  • Facilitates easy design
  • Aids compliance
  • Manage all locations


The Xenos Wireless Survey App is used in conjunction with the Wi-Fyre Xenos Survey Kit to  facilitate simple and accurate surveys and create detailed reports to help with compliance and design.

The Xenos Wireless Survey App enables the user to create a system plan that includes detailed information about preferred device placement, device types, notes and photos of device locations.

Users can use the app to scan the wireless signal between devices and receive clear indication of the result – good, marginal or bad. The surveyor is then able to generate detailed reports including all of the information above, with the ability to download and email the report once complete.

The app also allows users to manage their entire portfolio of sites and surveys.

How it Works

The Wi-Fyre Xenos Survey App connects to the survey kit via the Wi-Fyre Xenos Wireless Dongle. The dongle then provides bi-directional wireless communication between the expander module and the app.

The Wi-Fyre Xenos Survey App helps the user to ensure a Wi-Fyre Xenos wireless fire alarm system is installed correctly and operating efficiently with sufficient signal strength.



Eurofyre has been supplying wireless fire detection systems since 2008. Wi-Fyre Xenos is the next generation in hybrid wireless fire detection technology. We offer expert advice and supply all aspects of wireless fire detection systems including wireless survey assistance, demonstration/training and excellent after-sales support.

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Wi-Fyre Xenos Survey App

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