Key Features

  • Stainless steel
  • Full supervision
  • Automated cleaning by the detector
  • Models to suit 6mm and 4mm microbore tubes
  • Ease of replacement


VESDA-E VEA detectors provide all the usual reliability and early warning smoke detection of VESDA, but with pinpoint addressability. These detectors use patented air-sampling points and multiple air-sampling tubes with three alarm sensitivity settings. 

VESDA-E VEA Stainless Steel Sampling Points provide more discrete and tamper proof solutions for VESDA-VEA systems.  They use a special installation tool and each sampling point has a perforated sampling area; this makes them ideal for applications such as correctional facilities and education facilities. The VESDA-E VEA Stainless Steel Sampling Points low-profile design also makes it ideal for installation in cabinets or narrow spaces.

These sampling points are fully interchangeable with the standard VESDA VEA sampling points. Patented VEA sampling points allow full tube integrity monitoring for centralised test and maintenance at the VEA detector, significantly reducing ongoing maintenance time and costs.

VEA stainless steel sampling points are available with three different mounting arrangements.


Please ensure the entire turntable is visible on your screen in order for it to play.

Tech Specs

Pipe Inlet Size6mm
MaterialBrushed Stainless Steel



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VESDA-E VEA Stainless Steel Sampling Point

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