Key Features

  • EN54-2 & 4 Approved
  • Open protocol
  • Analogue addressable
  • Fully expandable from 1 to 4 loops
  • Peer to peer network


The ProFyre A4 addressable fire alarm panel has been discontinued. Please contact us below for an alternative modular addressable fire alarm panel.

The ProFyre A4 is a fully expandable, open protocol analogue addressable control panel which is available in 1 – 4 loop variants. Each loop can accommodate up to 250 addresses including detectors, call points, sounders and interfaces. It is supplied with 2 on-board sounder circuits, 1 fault output, 1 fire output, 20 programmable zonal LEDs, and various System LEDs.

The A4 control panel uses advanced microprocessor technology incorporated with a high resolution back-lit 4 by 40 character blue LCD display, tactile keypad and buttons which makes commissioning and maintenance a very simple task.

Mounting Options

The ProFyre A4 has been designed to accommodate for manys applications. Available in 3 versions; surface, semi-flush or flush.


Simple cause and effect programming makes the panel suitable for a wide range of applications from medium to large multi-area systems. Fully programmable on-site via the on-board LCD display and tactile keypad or through the windows based configuration software.

ProFyre Addressable Devices

Complemented by a complete range of ProFyre addressable field devices, the ProFyre A4 is the logical choice for systems that require clear alarm management and ease of use.


For larger systems, up to 64 nodes (control panels/repeaters) can communicate peer to peer on a RS485 data communication network, configured either as a radial or loop format. The operation of the network is such that each node has total stand-alone capability in that its local operation is not directly affected by its connection to or disconnection from the network.

The ability of a local control panel to observe events means that it can be programmed to respond to events elsewhere on the network. The effect of this capability is that any control panel is able to respond to any sensor device connected anywhere on the network. This provides a possible effective 256 loop control panel distributed around a single site as a number of smaller units.

Network repeater panels provide the ability to observe and control elements of the network via a compact unit which may be conveniently mounted at manned control points and still provide all essential display and basic control facilities.

Wi-Fyre Compatible

For complete system flexibly, a loop powered Wi-Fyre Transponder can be connected at any point on the A4 loop wiring, enabling matching ‘wireless’ detector, call points, sounders or interfaces to be seamlessly connected to the wired system. This means that, wireless devices can now be specified and used on an ‘as-needed basis’ on a ProFyre addressable system, without the need for additional power supplies and associated wiring.


The ProFyre A4 is fully approved by Intertek for safe use and installation in any European Union country and bears the CE mark to show that it complies with all the applicable Directives including the CPR, EMC and the Low Voltage Directive (LVD).

  • EN54-2:1997+A1:2006
    Fire detection and fire alarm systems – Control and indicating equipment.
  • EN54-4:1997+A1:2002+A2:2006
    Fire detection and fire alarm systems – Power supply equipment.

Tech Specs

ProtocolProFyre Open Protocol
LoopsExpandable up to 4 Loops
Zones250 Per Panel
Device250 Per Loop
Loop Short Circuit Protection 500mA Per Loop Card
Loop Resistance25 ohms (Max)
Zone CapacityRecommended Maximum: 32 Devices Per Zone
PanelReal-time Clock
Multilingual: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Dutch
20 Zone & Device Character Sets
Sounder Synchronisation
Alarm Tone Selection
Class Change (via Interface Module)
Device & Loop Reports
One Man Test Facility
Device, Zonal & Sounder Isolation
Device Location Facility (LED Toggling)
Alarm Verification
Event Log: 3072
Events (Alarm, Fault, Test Log)
DisplayBack-lit 4 by 40 Character Blue LCD Display
Indication Power, Supply Fault, Earth Fault, Buzzer Silenced, Common Fire, Common Fault, System Fault, Out Of Service, Sounder Status, Output Faults/Disablement’s, Mode Indications, 20 Zonal Fire & Fault/Disable/Test
ControlsStart/Stop Sounders, Silence Buzzers, Reset, Menu Navigation, Alpha Numeric Keypad Including Cancel and Enter, F1, F2, F3, F4 Menu Functions
Outputs1 x Fire Relay: 30Vdc @ 1A
1 x Fault Relay: 30Vdc @ 1A
1 x Auxiliary Relay: 24Vdc @ 500mA
Sounder Circuit2 x Conventional Sounder Outputs: 450mA per Circuit
Data Ports1 x USB-B Input for System Configuration Software
1 x RS485 via Plug-in Network Card
1 x TCP/IP via Plug-in Network Card
1 x Fibre Optic via Plug-in Network Card
CommunicationPeer to Peer
Nodes64 (Max)
Wiring FormatLoop or Radial
Distance10,000m (Max)
Maximum distance between nodes: 1000m
Mains Voltage110/230Vac +/-15%
System Voltage29.5V Nominal
Battery Capacity2 x 12V 17Ah SLA (Max)
Dimensions (W x H x D)485mm x 477.5mm x 125mm (19.09in x 18.80in x 4.92in)
Cable EntriesTop: Up to 34 x 20mm Knockouts
Bottom: Up to 6 x 20mm Knockouts
Rear: 2 x Removable Entries, 70mm x 40mm, 120mm x 40mm
Mounting Points3
Operating Conditions-5° to +40°C (23°F to 104°F)
MaterialMild Steel
ColourRAL 7035
IP RatingIP30
Design EnvironmentIndoor Use Only



The ProFyre A4 addressable fire alarm panel has been discontinued. Please contact us below for an alternative modular addressable fire alarm panel.

ProFyre A4, 1 Loop Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

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ProFyre A4, 2 Loop Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

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ProFyre A4, 3 Loop Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

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ProFyre A4, 4 Loop Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

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