Key Features

  • 3 amp integral PSU
  • Easy to program
  • Single detection zone
  • Conventional or twin-wire
  • Fireman switch input to override all other inputs


The SZAOV AOV has been developed to provide a flexible and comprehensive solution to smoke vent control applications. Designed to provide single zone opening vent control for vents, windows and roof lights, this comprehensive AOV control unit provides all vent controls and indications on the front of the panel. 

Haes SZAOV AOV Control Panels offer effortless installation with plenty of room inside for cables and batteries and can be integrated with fire alarm panels via a non-latching input.

They have an integral 3 amp PSU and battery backup capability assures that actuators can be powered in the event of a mains failure. Additional inputs and outputs for PIR, rain sensor and BMS connections are available via a simple plug in PCB.

All inputs and actuator outputs are monitored for short and open circuit and false alarm management mode reduces time and cost of call outs.

Operator access is provided via key switch or code entry and fireman switch input is available to override all other inputs.



Haes SZAOV AOV Control Panels meet the essential requirements outlined in the Construction Products Regulation CPR305/2011/EU. Additionally, they comply with the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU, Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU, and the EMC General Standards BS EN 61000-6-3:2007 + A1:2011 for emission in residential, commercial, and light industrial environments. 

They also adhere to the BS EN 12101-2:2017 standard for Smoke and Heat Control Systems, specifically Natural Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilators. 


Tech Specs

Enclosure1.2mm Mild Steel IP30. Colour ref: MW334E Interpon powder coat
Cable EntryVia 20mm knockouts located in the top and rear of the cabinet
Dimensions (W x H x D)Back Box: 310mm x 300mm x 80mm
Lid: 317mm x 309mm x 25mm
Mains Supply3A internal switch mode power supply, Nom 27v DC
Battery Capacity2 x 7Ah 12v VRLA fire rated
Detection ZonesSingle monitored detection zone. EOL = 6K8
Twin WireSelectable in panel (enables AV devices to be connected to det circuit)
On Board Relays1 x Alarm, 1 x Fault, volt free changeover, Max 3A
Fireman’s Switch InputFireman’s control switch input for Open/Close/Auto
Vent Control InputVent control switch input, Open/Close (rocker switch)
Actuator OutputReversal actuator control output (2.5A total
ACT SpecMonitoring current limit 1.5mA O/C > 10K S/C < 10R
Inrush Current20A for an interval of 2 seconds
Aux Output28v, 2.5A. The Aux output should not be used to control sounders.
False Alarm ManagementType A



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Haes SZAOV AOV Control Panel

SZAOV 1 Zone AOV Control Panel, 3A