Key Features

  • EN54-12:2015 approved
  • Range of up to 160 metres
  • Self-aligning
  • Automatic drift compensation 
  • Supports seven different languages


The Fire Beam was originally launched in 2005 to provide reliable beam detection that tackles the common issues of building movement, difficulty in commissioning and ground level accessibility. It quickly became the professional choice in beam detection for many of the leading names in the UK. Since the launch of the original product, The Fire Beam Company has been working on ways to improve the product further; leading to the launch of the Fire Beam Xtra.

The Fire Beam Xtra is a permanent replacement for the original Fire Beam and the Fire Beam Plus models. 

The Fire Beam self-aligns itself to the centre of the reflector when commissioning and will automatically keep alignment when building movement occurs. It offers enhanced optics to cover distances of up to 160 meters that incorporate all the leading features of their previous releases with the latest advanced components. 

Thanks to completely new linear stepper motors the Fire Beam Xtra can be commissioned five times faster than the original Fire Beam and routine maintenance can be conducted extremely quickly. Automatic alignment takes just over three minutes to complete out of the box and routine realignment can be carried out in just over one minute. 

Auto alignment can be turned off for environments that may be subject to occasional contamination (such as theatres using fake smoke). This means that the detector won’t try to re-align itself should the reflector become obscured. An auto-align time delay is also available for environments that might suffer occasional short-term obscuration. By adding a delay, the beam will not check if the received signal drops for a predetermined time. 

Traditionally, beams that face each other can cause problems if their sample rates coincide. This can result in unreliable readings and vulnerability in service. With the addition of Beam Phasing, Fire Beam Xtra heads can be mounted facing each other with reflectors in between and there are 7 different sampling rates to choose from, alleviating any cross talk problems.

The Fire Beam Xtra supports seven different languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Czech.

The Kit

The Fire Beam Xtra Kit comes complete with the head unit, the low level controller, a single reflector, a user manual and a 3mm allen key. This will enable you to cover distances up to 70 metres. To cover distances over 70 metres a Range Kit can be added to extend the coverage up to 160 metres.

The Fire Beam Xtra Head emits a signal to the Fire Beam Reflector. This signal is bounced back to the head. If the signal is obscured, a fire event is registered.

The Fire Beam Low Level Controller allows the user to commission, adjust and maintain the beam from the safety and ease of ground level. 


Fire Beam Xtra is fully approved for safe use in any European Union (EU) country by VdS and bears the CE mark confirming as such. It is also fully compliant with EN 54-12:2015 Fire detection and fire alarm systems – Part 12: Smoke detectors – Line detectors using an optical beam.

Tech Specs

Supply Voltage10.2 to 30 VDC
Supply Current3.5mA (constant current) in all operational states
Constant Current17mA (constant current) in fast commissioning
Temperature-10°C to +55°C
Humidity10 to 95% RH Non-condensing
Protection IndexIP65 when suitably mounted and terminated
Dimensions (W x H x D)Beam Head: 155mm x 180mm x 137mm, 1.10kgController: 120mm x 185mm x 62mm, 0.55kgMid Range Kit: 293mm x 293mm x 5mm, 0.8kgLong Range Kit: 394mm x 394mm x 5mm, 1.8kgUnistrut Adaptor (mounts the Beam Head onto Unistrut): 270mm x 250mm x 5mm, 0.6Kg
Optical Wavelength870 nm
Maximum Angular Alignment±5°
Maximum Angular Misalignment(static not auto-aligning)Beam Head ±0.75°  /  Reflector ±2°
Fire Beam Xtra Protection RangeAs standard up to 70 metres
Mid Range Kit Protection Range70 to 140 metres
Long Range Kit Protection Range140 to 160 metres
Alarm Sensitivity Levels25% (1.25dB) to 50% (3dB) in 1% (0.05dB) increments (default 35% (1.87dB))
Alarm Condition:Obscuration drops to below pre-defined sensitivity level.
Time to Alarm Condition adjustable between 2 to 30 seconds in 1 second increments (default 10 seconds)
Alarm Indication:Controller Status – FIREController Red Flashing LEDHead Red Flashing LEDAlarm Relay Change Over (CO) ContactRating 2A @ 30 VDC
Test / Reset Features:Beam test function by controllerAlarm latching / auto-reset selectable (default auto-reset)
Alarm reset in latching mode by controller reset function, removing power for >5 seconds, apply 12 to 24 VDC to reset connections in Beam Head.
Fault Sensitivity Level:90%
Fault Condition:Obscuration drops to below the fault sensitivity level within 1 secondPower Down or Supply Voltage < 9 VDCCommissioning modes, Pre-Alignment and Auto-Alignment
Beam turned off during Beam MaintenanceTime to Fault Condition adjustable, 2 to 60 seconds in 1 second increments (default 10 seconds)
Fault Indication:Controller Status – FAULTController Yellow Flashing LED 1 SecondHead Yellow Flashing LED 1 SecondFault Relay Change Over (CO) Contact Rating 2A @ 30 VDC
Normal Condition:Obscuration level is above the Alarm sensitivity levelController Status – NORMALController Green Flashing LEDProgrammable on/offHead Green Flashing LEDProgrammable on/off
Auto-Align / Beam Contamination Compensation:Auto-align during normal operation if obscuration drops below 90% for the duration of the align time set (doesn’t affect normal operating mode)Beam Contamination Compensation 4 hour monitoring. Compensation data available at the controller



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