Evacuator Synergy Smoke Detector


Key Features

  • Completely wireless operation
  • Category 1 radio receiver
  • Designed to be ceiling mounted
  • Independently tested to ETSI-300-220-1
  • CE RoHs and EMC compliant


The Evacuator Synergy series of temporary wireless fire detection systems provide an ideal solution for protecting construction sites from fire.

The Evacuator Synergy Smoke Detector is the perfect addition to the Synergy wireless manual site alarm system. This detector uses built-in radio frequency technology to wirelessly interlink with up to 40 other devices and provides a detection point for fast flaming fires.

The Evacuator Synergy Smoke Detector is designed to be ceiling mounted and is for indoor use only. It has a frequency range of 100m in buildings or 400m in open space. They operate purely on 9V batteries and require no wiring whatsoever. When activated, like all detectors in the Synergy range, these detectors can trigger all other non-detector site alarms to sound.

These detectors provide low battery and out-of-RF-range warnings to ensure continuous and reliable operation.

Please note: Synergy Smoke Detectors offer no extra alarm noise on-site, they act only as a detector.


Evacuator Synergy systems operate on a category one radio module, meaning they are safe for use in human life inherent systems, and are tested to the Radio Equipment Directive (RED).

Synergy smoke detectors are also compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) directive and are independently tested to ETSI-300-220-1, the European standard for Short Range Devices (SRD) operating in the frequency range 25 MHz to 1,000 MHz. They also bear the CE mark, approving them for sale in the EU.

Tech Specs

Weight1.6 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D)150mm × 200mm × 100mm
Power Source9Vdc