Fire Beam BLUE Beam Detector


Key Features

  • Set-up and commissioning via mobile app 
  • Range of up to 140 metres
  • Self-aligning
  • Automatic drift compensation
  • EN54-12:2015 approved


Fire Beam BLUE Beam Detectors provide all the features of the Fire Beam Xtra but are commissioned and controlled using the Fire Beam BLUE app.

There are two key components to the Fire Beam system: the Fire Beam Head and the Fire Beam Reflector. It works by sending a signal from the head to the reflector. The reflector bounces the signal back to the head and, if the returning signal is obscured, a fire event is registered.

The Fire Beam BLUE uses auto alignment to align itself to the centre of the reflector when commissioning and will automatically keep alignment if there is any building movement.

The Fire Beam BLUE is reliable, easy-to-install and can be commissioned very quickly with automatic alignment taking just over three minutes to complete.

The Fire Beam BLUE supports seven different languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Czech.


Fire Beam BLUE can operate at distances of 7m to 70m or can be extended for distances between 70m and 140m.

The standard Fire Beam is suitable for distances of 7m to 70m using the single reflector supplied.

The mid-range extension kit enables the Fire Beam to operate at 70m to 140m.

The Kit

The Fire Beam BLUE Kit comes complete with the head unit, a single reflector, a user manual and a 3mm allen key. This will enable you to cover distances up to 70 metres. To cover distances over 70 metres a Range Kit can be added to extend the coverage up to 140 metres.

The Fire Beam BLUE is not supplied with a physical controller. Instead, it is commissioned via a bluetooth connection using the the Fire Beam BLUE app.

The App

The Fire Beam BLUE app allows the installer to quickly and easily commission the Fire Beam BLUE and align the beam. The app also allows you to adjust beam parameters such as time to fire and fault. Using this app will also allow you to observe the beam status and make numerous adjustments.

Once commissioned, the app’s home screen provides details such as the beam name, air quality and status.



Tech Specs

Supply Voltage12 to 30 Vdc normal
Supply Current5.5mA in all operational states
Supply Current13.5mA in fast commissioning
Temperature-10°C to +55°C
Humidity10 to 95% RH Non-condensing
Protection IndexIP65 when suitably mounted and terminated
Beam Head Dimensions (H x W D)180 x 155 x 137mm
Beam Head Weight1.1Kg
Mid-Range Reflector Dimensions (H x W x D)293 x 293 x 5mm
Mid-Range Reflector Weight0.8kg
Long Range Reflector Dimensions  (H x W x D)394 x 394 x 5mm
Long Range Reflector Weight1.8Kg
Adapter Dimensions  (H x W x D)270 x 250 x 5mm
Adapter Weight0.6g
Optical Wavelength870nm
Maximum Angular Alignment±5°
Maximum Angular Misalignment(static not auto-aligning)Beam Head ±0.4° Reflector ±2°



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