Product Spotlight – FyreLine Digital Controller


FyreLine linear heat detection is used to provide an early warning of fire or overheating equipment. It is cost-effective and can be used in place of, or alongside, conventional detectors to provide an increased level of protection.

Linear heat detection uses a heat sensing cable to detect changes in temperature. The cable is capable of detecting heat at any point along its length and, when the alarm temperature is reached, sends a signal to the fire alarm control panel.

There are two types of FyreLine linear heat detection available; FyreLine Analogue and FyreLine Digital.

FyreLine Analogue continuously monitors for changes in temperature, sending an alert once the pre-alarm or alarm temperature is reached.

FyreLine Digital provides fixed heat detection. FyreLine Digital heat sensing cable is made of two twisted and tensioned, tri-metallic cores wrapped in a heat sensitive polymer. FyreLine heat sensing cable is available with temperature ratings of  68°C, 88°C, 105°C or 185°C. Once the temperature rises above the cable’s threshold, the protective polymer melts, causing the two tri-metallic cores to come into contact with each other. The resulting short alerts the control panel of the overheat. 

FyreLine Digital can be interfaced into an addressable loop or connected directly to a single zone of the fire alarm control panel. However, when used in conjunction with a FyreLine Digital Controller, it becomes even more powerful.

The FyreLine Digital Controller, or Digital Interface Monitor Module (DiMM) is a dual zone interface module. It can monitor up to two zones of digital heat sensing cable and can provide an accurate location of any fire or overheating event.

Installed between the FyreLine Digital heat sensing cable and a conventional or addressable fire alarm control panel, the FyreLine Digital controller calculates the distance along the cable to the alarm point providing the user with the location of the event. 

Both zones can operate independently or in interlock mode and a separate alarm and normally conducting fault output are available for each zone. The unit itself has power, fault and alarm lights as well as volt-free outputs for fault and alarm for each zone.

Typical Wiring Diagram

FyreLine Digital Controllers can be installed in two different modes:

Independent Mode

This is when the unit is wired with two independent zones.  Each zone is connected independently to the fire alarm control panel, and when a fire or overheat event occurs, the corresponding fault or alarm output for the zone on which the event has been triggered is activated. 

In this mode, each zone operates independently and can, therefore, monitor cables with either the same or different temperature ratings.

Interlock Mode

In interlock mode, also known as coincidence mode, cables with the same temperature rating are used for both zones of the controller. The alarm is only activated when both cables (or zones) trigger an alarm. If zone one registers an alarm, but zone two doesn’t the alarm output will not be activated, providing a fail-safe guarantee that an overheat condition has been detected. This prevents an alarm from being raised in the event that mechanical abrasion or other issue has triggered the event. A fault output will still trigger if only one zone reports a fault.

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