Product of the Month – ProFyre Conventional Smoke & Heat Detectors


This month we will be taking a look at our ProFyre Conventional Smoke and Heat Detectors. This range of detectors is available in four different detection types – optical smoke, rate-of-rise heat, fixed heat and combined smoke and heat. They are all housed in a stylish, low-profile enclosure and provide 360 degree LED indication.

ProFyre Conventional Smoke and Heat Detectors have been designed to complement the ProFyre C8 and C24 conventional fire alarm control panels.

ProFyre C8 and C24 Fire Alarm Control Panels

Approvals and Ratings

This conventional detector range is IP43 rated meaning they are protected from tools and small wires greater than one millimeter and are protected from water spray at less than 60 degrees from vertical.

They are fully approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) and carry the CE mark – demonstrating that they are safe for use and installation in any European country and that they comply with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), the Low Voltage Directive (LVD),  the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (ECD) and all other pertinent directives.

ProFyre Approvals

Detector Types and Typical Applications

There are four detector types available in the ProFyre Conventional range:

  • Optical Smoke Detector
    ProFyre Optical smoke detectors use a pulsing infrared (IR) LED and photodiode to detect the presence of smoke. When smoke enters the detection chamber its particles cause the infrared light to be scattered onto the photodiode light receptor, triggering the detector to send a signal of fire to the fire alarm control panel.ProFyre Optical Smoke Detectors are best suited for detecting optically dense smoke, such as that produced from fires involving materials such as PVC, Plastic, foam and similar materials.
  • Rate-of-Rise Heat Detector
    ProFyre Rate-of-Rise Heat Detectors sense a rapid rise in temperature using a thermistor arrangement. When a fire occurs the heat it produces enters the detection chamber, when the thermister registers a rapid change in heat, or it reaches 58°C, it sends a signal of fire to the fire alarm control panel.ProFyre Rate-of-Rise Heat Detectors are best suited to environments such as garages and manufacturing facilities where exhaust and chemical fumes may make optical smoke detection unreliable.
  • Fixed Heat Detector
    ProFyre Fixed Heat Detectors  use a single thermistor to sense heat in the detection chamber. An alarm is only triggered once a temperature of 57°C is reached, regardless of how quickly the temperature rises.

    ProFyre Fixed Heat Detectors are best suited to areas with fluctuating temperatures, such as boiler rooms or environments with a particularly high temperature.
  • Combined Smoke and Heat Detector
    ProFyre Combined Smoke and Heat Detectors combine detection technologies from both the optical smoke detector and heat detector.

    ProFyre Combined Smoke and Heat Detectors provide good all-round fire detection and respond well to both smouldering and fast burning fires. They are well suited for areas such as hotel rooms or warehouse loading bays.

ProFyre Conventional Smoke and Heat Detectors

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