Key Features

  • Conventional sounder requires wireless wall sounder module
  • 32 tone settings
  • 3 volume levels
  • Bi-directional wireless communication
  • Long communication range


The Xenos Wall Sounder is a EN54-3 (Type B) compliant acoustic device that is equipped with 3 volume levels and 32 recognised tones; all of which can be set via the control equipment or locally at the sounder.

When properly connected to a wireless system on a compatible loop, the Xenos Wireless Wall Sounder is fully controlled by the panel and benefits from an extensive range of intelligent control, test and monitoring functionality, including sounder synchronisation.

Adaptive radio signal processing algorithms ensure the highest levels of life safety and reliability.

Wireless Range

The point-to-point transmission range for Xenos is over 1km in open air and our antenna technology is tuned for performance across frequencies and environments. Combined with up to 8 expansion hops, a Wi-Fyre Xenos system can cover well over 8km.

Battery Life

Wi-Fyre Xenos Wireless Wall Sounders use standard low-cost lithium battery technology with a battery life of up to 5 years.


Please ensure the entire turntable is visible on your screen in order for it to play.


Tech Specs

Operating Frequency868 to 870 MHz, 14dBm (25mV)
Wireless RangeApproximately 1km open area
Sound Output100 dBA +/- 3 dBA (Tone Dependent)
Batteries2 x CR123A Battery
LifespanUp to 5 years
Operating Temperature-10 to +55°C 
Humidity  (Non Condensing)95% RH
IP RatingIPX5
Dimensions (W x H x D)126 x 132 x 90mm
Weight350g (without batteries)



Eurofyre has been supplying wireless fire detection systems since 2008. Wi-Fyre Xenos is the next generation in hybrid wireless fire detection technology. We offer expert advice and supply all aspects of wireless fire detection systems including wireless survey assistance, demonstration/training and excellent after-sale support.

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In order to make Conventional Wall Sounder wireless, the Wi-Fyre Xenos Wireless Wall Sounder Module must be purchased.

Wi-Fyre Xenos Conventional Wall Sounder, Red


Wi-Fyre Xenos Conventional Wall Sounder, White