Key Features

  • Low profile design
  • Bi-directional wireless communication
  • 5 year battery life
  • Bright red indication
  • Long communication range


The Wi-Fyre Xenos Wireless Remote Indicator is a programmable output device that can be operated by the fire alarm control panel. If a fire, alarm or fault is triggered the fire alarm control panel sends a command to the indicator via the wireless translator model. 

Wi-Fyre Xenos indicators use bi-directional communication and can be used with Xenos Wireless translators and expanders. They are powered by low-cost lithium batteries which have a life of 5 years.

Wireless Range

The point-to-point transmission range for Xenos is over 1km in open air and our antenna technology is tuned for performance across frequencies and environments. Combined with up to 8 expansion hops, a Wi-Fyre Xenos system can cover well over 8km.

Battery Life

Wi-Fyre Xenos Wireless Wall Sounders use standard low-cost lithium battery technology with a battery life of up to 5 years.



Tech Specs

Operating Frequency Range 868 – 870MHz 
Max Radiated Power 14dBm (25mW)
BatteriesCR123A (3V & 1.2Ah)
Batteries Lifespan 5 years
Max Humidity (non condensing) 95% RH 
Operating Temperature -10°C to +55°C 
Weight (without batteries) 60g 
Dimensions (W x D x H)80mm x 80mm x 32mm 



Eurofyre has been supplying wireless fire detection systems since 2008. Wi-Fyre Xenos is the next generation in hybrid wireless fire detection technology. We offer expert advice and supply all aspects of wireless fire detection systems including wireless survey assistance, demonstration/training and excellent after-sale support.

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Wi-Fyre Xenos Wireless Remote Indicator

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