Key Features

  • Simplifies configuration
  • Reduces installation
  • Intuitive system creation tools
  • Real-time diagnosis
  • Compliant reporting


Wi-Fyre Xenos Programming Software (XPS) provides an intuitive and simple tool for configuring the Xenos system. The app includes a user-friendly interface that simplifies configuration, reduces installation time and provides a clear system overview for easy maintenance.

XPS allows the user to create a virtual system which includes a virtual warehouse for quick and easy set up. All Wi-Fyre Xenos devices have QR codes that are used to scan the devices into the XPS software. Devices can be dragged and dropped from the virtual warehouse onto floor plans. XPS can then calculate the best possible routes for the fire alarm signal and ensure that the designs are accurate. 

Site Management

Multiple sites can be added into the software. Each site can include information such as a site name, a description of the site, date and time of creation, creator name and contact details, maintainer name and contact details and a summary of all the Xenos systems on the site. This information can all be recalled for each site and sites can easily be imported and exported.

Intuitive System Creation Tools

When a new site is created, XPS automatically creates a new “Virtual System”. Devices can then be added to the system by scanning its QR code with either a webcam or barcode scanner. Devices are then automatically added into the softwares virtual warehouse.

Once all the devices are added, they can be placed onto virtual floors. New floors can be created using the design tool and a floorplan image can be imported and superimposed over the virtual floor. The devices can then be linked to create a system and the best possible signal routes will be created. 

Floor Plan Import

QR Code Scanning

Virtual Warehouse

Linking Devices

Device Properties

Real-Time Diagnosis

XPS features a real time diagnostic function for the created wireless system to allow the user to check the status of a network or a field device. The diagnostic function also identifies any issues with link faults and low batteries and displays recorded events from devices on the system. 

This allows the engineer to ensure the system is fault-free before commissioning the fire alarm control panel. 

Compliant Reporting

Comprehensive reports can be created to provide detailed system information such as:  installation site data; floorplans; a description of the system; the field devices and their settings; a list of all devices in the system, with their fault/alarm activation indications and environmental value readings at the moment of the generation of the report; event log messages;  diagrams of all possible network routes; and communication performance between the network devices.

These reports are particularly useful for handover and maintenance visits.



Eurofyre has been supplying wireless fire detection systems since 2008. Wi-Fyre Xenos is the next generation in hybrid wireless fire detection technology. We offer expert advice and supply all aspects of wireless fire detection systems including wireless survey assistance, demonstration/training and excellent after-sales support.

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