Key Features

  • Monitor, operate and program Velocity Alarm Control Panels
  • Available in black or red colour
  • 13 status LED indicators
  • 5 function button controls
  • 8 password protected access accounts available


The Velocity MMP Remote Annunciator is used to monitor, operate and program Velocity Alarm Control Panels from anywhere within the networked system. It features an uncluttered and intuitive 4.3” colour touchscreen display interface that delivers easy-to-interpret system messages.

The Remote Annunciator has an LED, button and menu setup that is identical to that of all the Velocity control panels, making it feel familiar for those trained on, and used to using, a Velocity system.

The Velocity MMP Remote Annunciator is available in red, for use in applications where it is necessary for the unit to stand out, or in black to match almost any décor. It can also be surface or flush mounted depending on the aesthetic requirements of the application.

It can operate as part of a 64 panel peer-to-peer network system and has powerful programming options to configure whether messages from specific panels remain local or are transmitted around the network.


All components in the Velocity range are UL certified and comply with the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 864 Control Units and Accessories for Fire Alarm Systems 10th Edition.

Tech Specs

Operating Voltage30V DC
Quiescent Current78mA
Maximum Current100mA
Communication ProtocolRS485
Maximum Network Size64 Nodes
Maximum Distance Between Nodes1km (using 1 screened data cable)
100m (using a standard fireproof cable)
Network Wiring TypologiesBus
Ring (recommended)
Maximum Event Log8032 Events
Software ProgrammingTouchscreen LCD
LCD4.3” Resistive Touch Screen
480 x 272 Pixel Resolution
LED Indications2 Red (1 x Alarm, 1 x NAC Active)
1 Green (Power)
10 Yellow (1 x Supervisory, 1 x Trouble, 1 x Alarm Silenced, 1 x Controls Active, 1 x General Disablement, 1 x General Test, 1 x NAC Trouble/Disablement, 1 x NAC Delay, 1 x CPU Trouble, 1 x Acknowledge)
Button ControlsSilence Alarm, Ack, Scroll, Reset, Drill
Dimensions H x W x D (mm)230mm x 340mm x 96mm Weight 2.3kg Cable Entries 5
Terminal Wiring Size28-12 AWG
Operating Temperature0°C (32°F) to 49°C (120°F)
Relative Humidity 95% Non-Condensing



Velocity MMP Remote Annunciator

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