Key Features

  • Fully compatible with Testifire 1001 & 2001 testing heads
  • Non-pressurised making it easier to store
  • On-demand CO generation
  • Non-flammable
  • Safe – amount of CO produced pose no health risk


TS3 CO Capsule is designed to be used with the Testifire Detector Tester.

Testifire’s CO stimulus is unique because unlike pressurised CO canisters, the CO is generated on demand from activated carbon supplied in capsule form with no pressure or stored CO. The number of tests from a capsule is dictated by the response time of the detectors under test and can range between 50 and 150 tests. Although there is much more to the comparison than material cost, typically this equates to between four and eight times that produced by an aerosol.

CO Capsule Removal and Replacement


  1. On the body of the Testifire Detector Tester, release the upper access cover by opening it from the right hand side. Please note, only one access cover is present within Testifire 1000 series products.
  2. Gently take the capsule out by squeezing the two clips of the used capsule.


  1. Remove the capsule from its outer carton and Anti-Static bag.
  2. From the new capsule detach the spring clip protector cap.
  3. Carefully put the new capsule into the capsule port by holding it by the spring clips with the label facing downwards. Provided that the clips positively spring out on both sides of the capsule, push the capsule into the position.
  4. Ensure that the access cover is closed after the capsule is replaced.


Please ensure the entire turntable is visible on your screen in order for it to play.


Tech Specs

Melting Point (°C) / Freezing Point (°C)Not Determined
Boiling Point (°C)100°C
Auto Ignition Point (°C)270°C
Explosive PropertiesNot Explosive
OdourNo Odour
Evaporation RateNot Determined



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