Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Quick clearing
  • Non-flammable
  • Fast activation – via Solo 330 dispenser
  • Detector manufacturer approved


Solo A10 is the latest Non-Flammable HFC-free smoke aerosol designed to facilitate the functional testing of smoke detectors installed into buildings.

The Solo A10 comes in a 150ml bottle and should be dispensed through the Solo 330 and Solo 332 aerosol dispensers. These dispensers create a seal around the smoke detector ensuring that the amount of test gas used from the Solo A10 is very minimal. The test gas imitates the situations of smoke in a safe and clean way by producing smoke particles to the detector in the test mode. Solo A10 is compatible with the leading detector brands.

Solo A5 and Solo A10 were developed to replace the Solo A3 which contains a gas that has been in recent years found to be harmful to the environment. Following this, from the 31st of December 2017 No Climb has completely discontinued the Solo A3 range.

Choosing the Right Aerosol

Problems like stress cracking in detectors, residue build up, damage to components and harm to the environment can occur using wrong test aerosols. No Climb / Detector Testers are known around the world for their high quality products and are approved by leading detector manufacturers, third parties and fire engineers.

How it Works


What is the test capacity of the 150ml Solo A10?

Generally the Solo A10 should allow you to test between 108 and 120 detectors, however this can be highly impacted by the following reasons:

  • Ambient temperature. Determines the amount of gas required per test
  • Consumer habits. Each user consume a different amount of aerosol per test
  • Tested equipment. The poor integrity of each tested system can cause delays in alarm acknowledgement consequently forcing a user to consume more test gas.

What is the shelf life of Solo A10 aerosols?

The Solo A10 shelf life is usually a few years longer than the 12 month warranty period, nevertheless this time frame can be greatly impacted by the storage conditions. At all times, the Solo A10 aerosols must be kept in a cool, dry environment which is out of direct sunlight to prolong its shelf life.

Can Solo A10 aerosols be used by hand?

It is advised that the Solo range of aerosols must not be used by hand as they are designed to be used together with a Solo 330 or 332 smoke dispenser. Using two of these products together maximises the number of tests possible to perform from each aerosol can, and prevents detector contamination by discharging the test gas into a seal around the smoke detector rather than directly into the optical chamber.

How long should I spray Solo A10 aerosol when testing a detector?

Solo A10 should be used together with a Solo 330 or 332 smoke dispenser. It is a common practice to spray the test gas for up to one second every ten seconds until the detector is triggered.



Tech Specs

Explosive PropertiesNot explosive
pH (Value)Not determined
Melting Point (°C) / Freezing
Point (°C)
Not determined
Initial Boiling Point and Boiling Range Boiling Point (°C)-19°C
Flash Point (°C)>55°C
Flammability (solid, gas)Non-flammable; tested to 2008/47/EC Annex 1.9.1(iii)
Ignition Temperature368°C
Auto Ignition Point (°C)Product is not self igniting



Solo A10 Smoke Test Aerosol can should be used together with Solo 330 and 332 Aerosol Dispensers.

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Solo A10 Smoke Test Aerosol, 150ml

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