Key Features

  • Non-flammable, Non-pressurised & Non-hazardous
  • Compatible with the widest range of detectors
  • Contains similar amount of tests as Solo A3
  • Effortless installation
  • Improved performance at all temperatures


ES3 Smoke Cartridge is designed to be used with Solo 365 Detector Testers.

Smoke Cartridge Removal & Replacement

NOTE: The Solo 365 Detector Tester MUST BE turned off prior to opening the back cover to replace the smoke cartridge.


  • Without removing the generator, take out the empty smoke cartridge from the generator.


  • The generator must be fitted into the main unit prior to inserting the replacement smoke cartridge
  • With the help of the guide rails, insert the smoke cartridge fully into the generator
  • Immediately after the smoke cartridge is slid into the generator, do not attempt to remove it before it is indicated that a replacement is required. Old smoke cartridges MUST NOT be re-used.


How many tests will I get from an ES3 cartridge?

ES3 can deliver up to 250 tests per cartridge.

Why am I getting fewer tests than the maximum?

A test cycle is defined as 30 seconds and provides of 15 seconds of smoke output in 3x five second intervals. Testing in excess of thirty seconds will reduce the maximum number of tests from a single cartridge.

What is the shelf life of Solo ES3 cartridges?

The shelf life of ES3 will be affected by the storage conditions it is exposed to and is normally several years greater than the 12 month warranty period. ES3 cartridges should be stored in a cool, dry environment and kept out of direct sunlight.

My Solo 365 isn’t producing smoke, even with a new cartridge. What can I do?

Your Solo 365 may need to run a manual purge cycle. Power on the tester and then press and hold the return button. The status LEDs will begin to flash blue to symbolise a manual purge. Continue to hold the return button for two minutes or until there is smoke dispensing within the test cup.

Is smoke from ES3 cartridges different to Solo aerosols?

Yes. ES3 cartridges use a unique smoke fluid to produce smoke. The smoke generated is more realistic than that of a Solo aerosol and it is compatible with a wider range of detectors



Tech Specs

Explosive PropertiesNot explosive
pH (Value)Not determined
Melting Point (°C) / Freezing
Point (°C)
Not determined
Decomposition Temperature (°C)Product is not self igniting
Flash Point (°C)>100°C
Flammability (solid, gas)Non-flammable
Boiling Point (°C)100°C
Auto Ignition Point (°C)270°C



The ES3 Smoke Cartridge must be be used together with Solo 365 Detector Testers.

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