Key Features

  • IP67 for outdoor use or in humid areas
  • High-temperature range for difficult environments
  • Intrinsically safe options
  • State of the art detector for highest safety
  • Tested and approved according to EN54-5


Heat detectors are typically used in areas where the temperature is expected to rise rapidly in the event of a fire or where smoke detectors cannot be used, such as outdoors or in areas with high levels of humidity.

Panasonic series 6000 detectors have an IP67 rating which makes them suitable for outdoor or high-humidity areas and a high-temperature rating for difficult environments.

Fixed Temperature Alarm Level

Panasonic 6000 series detectors are conventional fixed temperature heat detectors that will give an alarm within a response temperature range in accordance with EN54-5:2000. All detectors have an output for a remote indicator as well as an LED indicator on the detector itself (not available on the 6298).

These detectors use a heat pick-up shield and bimetal switch to detect a rise in temperature and provide a reliable warning. When the detector is activated, both the detector’s incorporated LED indicator and the remote indicator will stay active until the detector is reset via the C.I.E., even if the temperature falls below the detector’s static response temperature.

The following detectors are available in the Panasonic 6000 series (including static response temperature, class & EN54-5 temperature range):

  • 6295, 57°C, class A2 S (54 to 70°C)
  • 6296, 72°C, class B S (69 to 85°C)
  • 6297, 87°C, class C S (84 to 100°C)
  • 66298, 117°C, class E S (114 to 130°C)


All the electronic components of Panasonic 6000 series detectors are housed in a waterproof housing and fitted to the supplier’s connection box. The connection box has three cable inlets, three compression glands and are supplied with a silicone gasket for IP67 protection. All detectors are supplied with three pairs of flying leads with female push-on connectors to connect the zone line cables (in/out) and the remote indicator.

Tech Specs

Static Response Temperature6295: 57°C, Class A2 S (54 to 70°C)6296: 72°C, Class BS (69 to 85°C)6297: 87°C, Class C S (84 to 100°C)6298: 117°C, Class E S (114 to 130°C)
Current Consumption0mA (Quiescent)6-30mA (±680Ω) (Alarm,​ Internal Resistance)
Operating Temperature-40 (min) / +55 (nom) / +80°C (max)
EnvironmentIndoor,​ Outdoor
IP RatingIP67
Dimensions (Ø x D)100mm x 75 mm
Net Weight216g
ConstructionModified Polycarbonate



Waterproof IP67 Heat Detector, 57°C Class A2S c/w Mounting Box

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Waterproof IP67 Heat Detector, 72°C Class BS c/w Mounting Box

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Waterproof IP67 Heat Detector, 117°C Class ES c/w Mounting Box

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Waterproof IP67 Heat Detector, 87°C Class CS c/w Mounting Box

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