Key Features

  • Provides early warning of lithium-ion battery failures
  • Compatible with all lithium-ion battery form factors and chemistries
  • Detects lithium-ion battery electrolyte solvent vapours
  • Fast response time to off-gassing events
  • Calibration-free


The Li-ion Tamer GEN 3 system is capable of identifying the release of electrolyte solvent vapours that occur when lithium-ion batteries fail and undergo off-gassing. By detecting these potential fires at an early stage, it allows for prompt investigation and implementation of appropriate measures to prevent catastrophic thermal runaway.

The Li-ion Tamer GEN 3 system consists of several components: monitoring sensors, referencing sensors, hubs, power switches, network switches and at least one Li-ion Tamer Controller.

Li-ion Tamer Reference Sensors, identified by blue endplates, are mounted near external contaminant entry points to prevent false-positive alarms. The sensor continuously gathers the raw signal from the protected space and the inbuilt Li-Ion Tamer Event Detection Algorithm processes the signal. When a presence of gas is confirmed, the sensor triggers an event.

As mentioned earlier, the Li-ion Tamer GEN 3 system employs Reference Sensors to prevent false-positive alarms. When a Reference Sensor detects gas before a Monitoring Sensor, indicating the presence of contaminant gas, it triggers an internal Lockout State. It is important to note that if the Lockout State is activated, users do not need to do anything, as it is solely a measure to prevent false alarms and does not indicate a genuine alarm or error situation.


Please ensure the entire turntable is visible on your screen in order for it to play.


Tech Specs

Target GasesLithium-ion battery electrolyte solvent vapours
Minimum Detection Threshold< 1 ppm/sec
Response Time5 seconds
Fault DetectionSingle cell failure



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Li-ion Tamer Reference Sensor, Gen 3

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